Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Wheels on the Block

Remember a long time ago when I posted this regarding a car for Madi? Well, it's happened. The car has arrived. Which did we pick in the end? The red Range Rover. :-)

By luck of circumstances, our friend Georgina had a baby shipment coming from the UK. She graciously allowed us to put the car in her shipment and my friend Emily, who lives in Aberdeen picked up the car from the post and delivered to Georgina.

It was a long and torturous one week that Jason had to endure before the car arrived in Norway and we picked it up Saturday morning. It got assembled right away with some help from Madi and after its 15 hour charging period, was ready to roll on Sunday.

Isn't she the cutest toddler with a screw driver?!

Here's Madi's new wheels on the block !

And you can imagine what we spent most of Sunday doing...

Rollin' like she owns the block. ;-)

And of course we took video! The car runs really well - the only downside is it's a bit jerky when you first start and that scared Madi the first time she rode in it. But after getting her favorite kitty and having Mommy next to her when it started she loved riding around!

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