Friday, June 20, 2014

Madi: Twelve Months

- You are basically running now! You crawl less than 1% of the time and definitely prefer walking around everywhere. You've also become a true pro at handling the slight step-ups between rooms in Norway. It took you tripping a few times (heck, we still trip on them) and then you had it mastered. You've also started going up the stairs (only with us), but we are trying to teach you that you cannot walk up or down them like an adult, which is what you seem to prefer. :-)

-You love reading. You will sit by yourself talking and turning pages and pointing at the pictures. Oh how we wish that we could read your mind and know what you are saying baby girl! You love turning the pages in books when we read together and it's so adorable.
- You've started shaking your head "no", but haven't quite figured out that it means "no" to us. You just love listening to us laugh when you do it because we think you are so darn cute! Now we just need to teach you to shake your head "yes"...

- You love clapping, shaking your head no, and of course dancing still! Your most favorite song to dance to is "What does the fox say" of course. :-)
- You completed your 30th flight this month!! You are a traveling pro now and it was nice to have your own seat for you on this last trip to Houston and OKC
- This month we baptized you and took one year photos. Both of which you were not in the mood for because of major teething going on (you are up to 8 now and it looks like 9 and 10 are close to coming in!)

- You are so smart! It amazes me how much you understand already at such a young age. You will listen when we ask you to do basic things like "Madi, go get the block and bring it here" and do it on the first time asking (which I am thinking we should cherish now, hehe).
- You love to talk and babble and while most of it is indistinguishable still you have said a few new words: cat, teddy, and okapi. That's right, we have said okapi so many times that you can not only say it (although it's more like " 'kapi"), you can also find him. You will also go find the cats and teddy when we ask you to. :-)

I cannot believe you are one year old Madison Rose!!!! Everyone warned us that time wouldn't be on our side and things would go too quickly. Some days felt long, but most felt short and now we stand here in disbelief that we have a one year old. I was watching you earlier this week - you were smiling and walking out of your playroom and the overwhelming thought in my mind was "oh goodness, she looks like a toddler already!" You are a magnificent little girl so full of spunk and attitude and personality. You have enhanced our lives in so many ways - you've challenged us, grown us, taught us about God's unconditional love, and changed us in so many positive ways. Thank you for being such an amazing daughter! Happy birthday little duck!

Love you lots,

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