Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Birthday Edition

This week's wrap-up is all about Madi's birthday weekend since most of the week was spent preparing for the party after she went to bed each evening. Her actual birthday was on Friday, which was perfect since it meant I got to spend the day with her!!

We woke her up by singing Happy Birthday and she laid on her back smiling at us. It was adorable. And of course since it was pre-coffee I didn't think to have my phone. :-/

Afterwards we made Madi a special breakfast of blueberry pancakes since they have become a recent favorite of hers!

After her morning nap we went and picked up Ms Sally, her nanny, to go with us to the grocery store. It was so nice to have help with Madi so I could be more efficient with my shopping and Madi loved getting to see her on her birthday! Once again I had a phone failure and left it in the car during our shopping trip so I didn't get a picture of Sally and Madi having frozen yogurt before we headed home.

I did get this cutie pie hanging out with me that afternoon when she decided that one-year-olds don't need an afternoon nap. Instead she took off all of her crib guard rails and played with them. I went in and collected them all only to find her pull one out from no where! After I took that one she walked laps around the crib making sure they were really gone before finally caving and taking a nap.

That evening we gave Madi a birthday bath! She was engrossed with a bottle of shampoo and kept pulling it out of the water and making us laugh. :-)

Saturday was all about the birthday party!! We had an absolutely wonderful time celebrating with everyone and feel so blessed about how loved our baby girl is!

We didn't have time to open presents at the party so we got to celebrate more birthday fun on Sunday when Madi opened them all. Sally got her the most adorable baby doll pram. It's definitely the rolls royce of baby doll prams, haha. She is loving walking Teddy around in it.

And then she pushed Zoey around in it... 

The weather was great so we decided to take a bike ride to the beach. It was a little windy and Jason and I learned that we are inexcusably out-of-shape right now... but we got to see puppies, sand, and kite surfing so it was worth it. :-)

It was an amazing weekend!! Thank you to everyone who wished Madi a very happy birthday!

...oh did you want pictures of the party too? Well here's a sneak peek... we are waiting on the rest of the pictures and then I'll do a full post of birthday details. :-)

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