Sunday, June 15, 2014

OKC Trip Recap

After our short trip to Houston, we flew to OKC to spend a few more days with Papa Jeff and Grandma. We played at their house, swam in the pool, got delicious American food, played domino games, and got to hang out with one of my best friends, Chelsea, and her son Cole.

Madi being attacked with kisses. Love that girl's laughter!

Madi also had some very important things to tell Grandma and Daddy during lunchtime. 

As well as to the pediatrician we visited while we were there...

We also took a trip to the OKC Zoo. Jason and I love zoos and we are so glad that Madi seems to love them as well. She points at the animals and makes sounds and enjoys walking around. So fun!

Madi got another okapi! And said the word "okapi". :-)

But Madi's favorite activity by far was ringing the bells with Grandma. :-)

I'm sure they did that a lot when Daddy and I snuck away for a couple date nights!!

We headed back to Stavanger, but not before introducing Madi to Sonic ice. It really helped her teething since she decided that this trip would be a good time to get her molars. (I swear this child gets a tooth every trans-atlantic flight - she got 7 and 8 on the way there and the pediatrician said she was about to get the molars too...)

Madi was good at sharing her ice though with Daddy.

Overall it was a wonderful trip to the States! It gets harder and harder every time to say good-bye, but we are so glad that we got to see so many family and friends as well as relax and get some time in just Jason and I.

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