Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Madi's First Ride

I thought we had some time before this conversation would arise. I mean, don't most kids get their first cars when they are 16? At the earliest 15? Of course they do. Unless your husband is an avid-car lover who discovers remote-controlled, ride-on cars. Yes, that right - a car that Jason can strap Madi in and drive her around until she gets a little older (probably 1.5 years ;-) ) and can drive herself. 

Here are the top contenders for said-ridiculousness (which I am, admittedly, incredibly excited about myself) - 

1. Range Rover Evoque 6V. We'd purchase this one in red though. And Jason already has dreams of making it four-wheel drive, if possible. 

2. Ferrari

3. Jaguar XFR.

4. Lamborghini Aventador.

All cars would be upgraded from plastic to rubber tires, with added suspension, and whatever else my dear husband dreams up in his new "project" car. ;-) 

So, which car do you think we should get Madi for her 1 year birthday present?! 

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