Saturday, June 14, 2014

Houston Trip Recap

Did you miss me?! It's been way too long since I blogged last (back in May!). I am paying for it however trying to sort through all the pictures from our trip (and Madi's baptism and one year photo shoot- ahhh!). The posts over the next few days might be a bit picture-heavy, but since they are mostly of Madi (and we all know she's the cutest little one ever), I figure you won't mind too much. :-)

We left for Houston the day after my last post about the airplane activity pillow I made. After the test run of our flight over, I have to say it worked pretty good, but didn't stay on the tray very well (it would slide down a bit, maybe too heavy?). Nevertheless it served its purpose of entertaining her for 5 min. ;-)

She did great on the plane rides over and was excited to visit Houston! (And Mommy was too until the humidity hit her like a warm and unwelcome blanket the second she stepped off the plane, but that's neither here nor there...)

We visited Houston in order to baptize Madi (another blog post to come!). We stayed with some friends from our church, Dave and Cindy Meeh, and they were wonderful hosts. She enjoyed looking out their big windows, playing with all of their fun and retro toys, but especially running around talking with her dress tucked into her bloomers because it was too long. ;-)

We got to spend some time visiting friends and family which we loved of course, including spending some quality time with Jason's sister and her family at the Houston Zoo!

While we were there we also took Madi to get her first Build-a-Bear! She had fun watching the stuffing machine and running around with Teddy. :-)

And of course since we were in the States, Mommy got a lot of this. Target and Starbucks. American bliss for an expat. :-)

The trip ended with us flying to OKC to spend some time with Papa and Grandma. We used miles for the tickets and sat in first class. Madi enjoyed the free drinks. She also loves turning the pages in books (she loves reading!)

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