Monday, June 17, 2013

Third Trimester Recap

Well pregnancy - it's been great getting to know you the past 40+ weeks, but I am ready for us to part ways. I want to meet my daughter and I'd appreciate if you would let this relationship go. It's gone on too long already. We're almost a week past the 40 mark and there's nothing left for you and I at this point.

Overall, the third trimester has definitely felt the longest. I knew going into it that it would, but man, I'm really starting to get impatient here! Fortunately, the entire trimester was just as smooth as the second so really I shouldn't be complaining at all...



  • Hmmm... going past Madi's due date is the only thing that I can think of right now. We are still constantly praying that I start labor naturally this week.

  • I posted most of my thoughts/feelsing in this confessions post. Currently, we are just waiting for her to arrive now. Everyone keeps telling me to just enjoy this quiet time with just Jason and I because our lives are about to change forever. Good advice, but both Jason and I have just about had our fill of relaxing and are anxious and ready to meet our daughter at this point!
  • We tried everything in the book to induce labor this past week, including walking over 15+ miles in the evening! (The only thing we didn't try was castor oil and that's because Jason refused to let me...)
  • I feel very blessed that I've had such a wonderful pregnancy and that I am still feeling great. I have been able to sleep between 8-10 hours every night with only one, sometimes two, bathroom breaks. I am still not having back pain (although during our 2.5 hour walk on Saturday I started to have a little discomfort) and overall am feeling amazing.  

And I didn't realize just how big I've gotten until I compared my Week 5 and Week 40 pictures... Wow!

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