Monday, June 17, 2013

Zoey and CeCe - Highlights from the Furry Friends of the Family

CeCe and Zoey can definitely tell something is up in the Stingerie household... and they have their own unique ways of dealing with it. CeCe has become more playful and more loving (opposite things, I know). Zoey has become more attention-starved - specifically with a whiny meow and causing more trouble with things that she's been scolded for before previously. Typical first and second child syndrom. :-)

We made onesies for them to feel included in Madi's life. "More awkward than a CeCe" and "More trouble than a Zoey"

And since their lives are about to be rocked upside down and the world will no longer revolve around them, I figured I'd make a tribute post with some of our favorite pictures of them to remember what they looked like since the automatic waterbowl, feeder, and litter box mean we won't be paying any attention to them once Madi arrives...

We love you CeCe and Zoey!!

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