Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week 38


How far along: 38 weeks, 5 days

Size of Baby S: ~7 lbs, 19.5 inches

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): Leek

Total weight gain: 28 lbs...This whole 2 lbs a week thing is starting to concern me. :-/

Sleep: Good still thankfully. Getting up 1-2 times to go to the bathroom, but still sleeping soundly otherwise with little to no discomfort.

Movement: Quite a bit still. She continues to move from side to side, but she's remained head down and has now engaged (dropped in my pelvis).

Unglamorous body changes: Not sure why, but apparently I've started drooling lately. Multiple times this week I woke up to a wet pillow (gross!) and had to flip it some direction or another to avoid wet spots...

I have also noticed a bit of discomfort in the evenings (more pressure and just tired in general). I've been taking a lot of baths to help alleviate the discomfort and I have to brag about my hubby here for a minute. He, fortunately, has not assaulted me any more with a meat thermometer to check the water temperature, but he has been incredibly awesome and supportive in helping more around the house. He's made dinner and cleaned up dinner alone numerous times the past couple of weeks to let me rest and relax. He's also helped with laundry and cleaning. These are all things I'm blessed to have him help with usually, but he's stepped it up a notch to do even more! Very blessed and grateful mommy-to-be here. :-)

Maternity Clothes? Yes. But you can almost see my stomach peeking out a bit in my non-maternity clothes... And here a co-worker told me I wouldn't be able to wear this outfit the whole pregnancy. ;-)

Showing: Obviously!

Food cravings: I'm glad I talked last week about not having any... this week a terrible friend of mine just had to tell me about this amazing store she found which had a decent selection of American candy and even a couple cereals. Well friends, we caved, visited the store, and are too embarrased to tell you how much we spent on those American goodies... I will say that my couponing days are long gone because I would never have spent more than $2 on a box of cereal and there I spent $14 for Lucky Charms. Depressing.

What I miss: Hmm...nothing comes to mind right now. There are little things I miss like walking at a normal pace, being able to sit in a chair for more than an hour comfortably, etc. But all of these seem pretty trivial compared to the idea that we are going to become parents any day now! :-)

Anything making you queasy: Nope.

Strange experiences: I read somewhere that your pets might be able to sense that you are pregnant and become more affectionate or protective during your pregnancy. I haven't seen too much more affection in either of our cats up until now... The past few days CeCe has been quite affectionate (a rarity for her). I am getting concerned that she knows something I don't...might she sense that the time is coming...?

Milestones: Madi has a firm grasp, fully-developed organs, and is ready for life outside the womb!

Best moment this week: Totally not baby-related, but finishing up two huge work presentations that I needed to cross of the list before going on maternity. Now that they are over I just have a few little things to wrap up, but no additional stress or push to finish anything else before she arrives.

I've also enjoyed spending time reading with Jason (still working on that book list of ours) as well as spending the evening playing card or dice games and taking liesurely walks. Basically taking advantage of the quiet and the very little on our to-do list these days! :-)

Looking forward to: Meeting Madi! :-)

PS Don't forget to vote above on when you think Madi will make her appearance and her size!

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