Monday, June 24, 2013

First Pram Ride, Helsetasjon Visit, and Errands

Today was one of many firsts for Miss Madi - her first pram ride, her first trip to the health station, and her first grocery shopping.

We had to literally rip away a stowaway that was trying to go with us...she was not too happy with us when we forced her out. :-/

Our first stop was the helsestasjon (health station). When we left the hospital on Sunday Madi had lost a little too much weight. They expect the baby to lose the first day, but want to see them gain on the second before they leave and she didn't. Fortunately, she didn't lose more than 10% of her birth weight, but we still needed to take her to get her weight checked. In the meantime I have been pumping after every feeding and we've had to give her formula a couple times.

When we took her in today at the health station she had gained!!!! She was a champ yesterday and did a good job feeding and sleeping. We're still having a little trouble keeping Miss Sleepyhead awake while she eats. I personally think she finds it entertaining for Mom and Dad to strip her down to her nappy and blow on her face and put a wet washcloth on her and tickle her feet to try and keep her awake. 

We also weighed her before and after a feeding while we were at the health station and she had a full serving! The nurse told me I should cut back pumping after every feedings and bring her back on Wednesday to check her weight once more. We are praising the Lord that we're both getting better at this!!

Afterwards we decided to run a couple errands since we were already out and about. We stopped at the butcher's and the grocery store plus the vegetable market to stock up on a few necessities to get us through the week. 

Then a quick walk by the lake on the way back home and a family photo! It was a great first outing and Madi slept like a champ on the way there and back. :-)

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