Saturday, June 29, 2013

Newborn Photography Sneak Peek

Yesterday we took Madi over to see Marta from Beautiful Moments Photography and get newborn pictures taken for her birth announcement.

It wasn't easy finding a photographer here in Norway, but it was even more challenging to find one who also gives you the digital files! Most of them charged a reasonable fee for the session and then out the wazoo for each hard copy print!! No digital at all even offered. :-/

The best time to take newborn pictures is within the firsts 7-10 days. We were scheduled for Madi's 8th day and figured we'd be safe with that...Boy were we wrong!! Little Miss had a long night Thursday  leading us to hope she'd sleep more that afternoon. That was not the case!

Fortunately, Marta is an incredibly patient person (I suppose that's a pretty crucial job requirement for a newborn photographer) and despite peeing on three of her props and having to coax Madi to sleep every position/set change, we were still able to get some great shots!

Oh and she said Madi was only her third worst baby she's had in the year she's been doing newborn photography. There's no trophy for that, I asked.

Here are some "behind the scenes footage" we took of the session-

Trying to coax her to sleep...
Carefully positioned... now don't move!
Man, this modeling gig is hard work!
Team work!
Headband change!
Daddy and Madi :-)

We just got the proofs last night and are picking the ones that we want in our package, but this favorite is definitely going to be one of them!!

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