Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby Girl Name Reveal...

Jason and I decided on a girl's name years ago. We were dating at the time and I'm not sure how or what prompted us to discuss baby names, but we did and the name has stuck in our heads ever since then.

It was summer 2007 and we were driving Jason down to Houston after he'd graduated and was getting ready to start work. We began discussing names and I threw out a girl's name that I'd always liked. Jason agreed that he liked it as well. A few minutes later we passed a street sign with another name and Jason put the two together as a first and middle name. It was decided. We had a girl's name if or when the time came around.

We debated keeping the name secret until our daughter was born. Then with our trip to Houston we realized that almost all of our family was going to be together - a rare event when you have four of them in four different States! We decided to announce the name at a family dinner that weekend.

Jason's dad Greg wasn't able to make it to Houston during our visit so we mailed his reveal gift to him and had a FaceTime date that weekend. Steph and Jacob (Jason's sister and her husband) weren't able to go to dinner with us because of the activities that day and opened their reveal gift with us that night after dinner.

We gathered the rest of the family at Olive Garden and enjoyed sharing with them all how we came up with our daughter's name and surprising them with a picture of her and her name engraved on the frame.

We can't wait to meet you... Madison Rose Stingerie!! :-)

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