Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Babymoon in Mexico

Urban Dictionary defines "babymoon" as follows: a new word created by women that refers to a vacation before an expecting child is born. Also can be used to impose loads of guilt on a man forcing them to take their wife/girlfriend on a cheesy couples vacation.

We decided to take advantage of this cheesy concept while we were in the States and so close to Mexico. Jason's one requirement was that we picked a location that was a non-stop flight since we would have just spent over 18 hours of travel time to get from Stavanger to Houston.

Our options were Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Cozumel. We've been to Puerta Vallarta, we were worried Cancun would be too spring break party atmosphere, and the cheapest airline ticket was Cozumel so the decision was easy. :-) We've been looking forward to the trip ver since!

We left Houston Sunday morning with a free upgrade to business class We enjoyed the lounge and our free breakfast before boarding the quick flight to Cozumel.

After arriving in Cozumel we stealthily walked over directly over to the taxis rather than using the "taxi service" that waits outside the airport wanting to charge you $30/person for the short 10 min drive to your hotel. Instead we paid $10 total. Success.

We arrived at our hotel, Cozumel Palace, and explored the hotel while we waited for our room to be ready. We talked to the resort concierge about resort credit options and decided to do a romantic dinner on the beach as well as a massage and a trip to Cancun to see the Mayan ruins.

Overall we really liked the hotel and would definitely recommend it to anyone traveling to Cozumel. The food was good (especially breakfast, the Italian restaurant, and our romantic dinner for two). The pool was great and there were always a couple lounge chairs together that we could snag.

We enjoyed the balcony and hammock off of our room and spent quite a bit of time sitting outside and watching our daughter kick. You'd be amazed at how entertaining staring at your belly can be when it moves. :-)

There aren't too many pictures from the trip because we spent most of our time relaxing. That's right, you heard me say the "r" word. Relax. We did it. And we were not too terribly bored either. ;-)

Here's proof of our relaxing -

Other highlights at the hotel were the great sunsets, our dinner at the Italian restaurant, and our romantic dinner on the beach.

We enjoyed our day excursion to the ruins. We boarded the boat shuttle from Cozumel to Cancun and started out a little rocky with the rolling waves. We took a bus to the Mayan ruins and spent the next few hours walking around listening to our tour guide give us background and information about the site. Then we had some free time to walk around and take pictures.

This was the first time that I can honestly say I found my limit. My pregnancy so far has been fantastic and I've been able to do pretty much everything and not felt any sort of "handicap" being pregnant. But walking around in the hot sun for a few hours made me realize I cannot do everything that I used to before I was pregnant! Fortunately we had enough water and shade that I wasn't dehydrated or anything. Just exhausted.

Jason showing off his baby bump. :-)

We also found some time to walk to downtown and browse the shops. And of course buy another dress for Baby Girl. :-)

The other big thing we did while we were in Cozumel was maternity pictures. Here's a sneak peek at one of the photos from the trip. (Post to come with more photos and all the details of our amazing photographer!)

We ended the trip with another complimentary upgrade to business class. Woohoo! It was a fantastic trip and a great chance for Jason and I to actually relax and enjoy the calm before the storm that arrives come June. ;-)

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