Friday, June 2, 2017

May Update

Hey so it's June... and between being gone a few days for our Women's Retreat and then my girl's trip to Amsterdam and Kiev, the month flew by once again. Is that what I should expect for the rest of my parenting? Months to continue passing at lightning speed?! Sigh. Alas, the blogging hasn't gotten any better, but since I print this as our yearly album I will carry on with monthly updates if that's what it takes! :-)

  1. The beginning of many outside lunches, snacks, and dinners with the warm May weather.
  2. A delicious beef tenderloin from a new find in Baku.
  3. Splash table fun!
  4. Madi started complaining her tooth was hurting and due to my extensive and first-hand knowledge of cavities, I knew after inspecting the tooth that it was a cavity that would require a filling. Turned out she had two so looks like she's inherited my tendency for cavities despite brushing twice a day and limiting candy. Awesome. She was a champ though in getting them and was super excited to pick pink and blue filling colors. 
  5. Sister love.
  6. Playground after the dentist as I didn't bother to take her to school for the couple hours she would have had left. 
  7. The cats have been able to hang in the front yard while we play outside and they've done surprisingly well staying inside the yard.
  8. Tickle smiles.
  9. Madi got to attend a friend's birthday party while I was out of town and I got sent these and some other sweet pics showing her having a blast with her classmates. 

We spent a Saturday down in Fountain Square which of course includes the merry-go-round for everyone. We had brought the bigger stroller for naps, but the twins decided they were above that and then promptly fell asleep headed to the car or in the car on the way home. Every parent's worst nightmare - ha! It took a bit to settle them when we got home, but it was still worth it for the wonderful day we had.

  1. Madi saw my straightener and after I explained what it was she quickly asked me to straighten her hair. 
  2. These two have become climbing experts making the playground soooo much more fun since they can explore semi-supervised. 
  3. Socks on hands. Because why not.
  4. Princess Madi was excited to get her play jewelry back that I'd stolen for our Women's Retreat fun night.
  5. Pouches and baby songs after bath. 
  6. Evy got a solo playdate with Mom.
  7. 8. & 9. Beautiful girls in beautiful dresses. :-D

We have had such a great transition to our new house and new community after moving. One of the blessings has been the friendship between Madi and our neighbor's youngest Clementine. They literally ask to play with the other every day and they play so well together! They go back and forth between our two houses and play for hours dressing as princesses, making meals, splashing, and everything in between. I got sent the picture below while I was out of town and it captures the silly fun personalities of these two sweet girls perfectly. Love it!

  1. One picking her nose, one sticking her tongue out, and one giving me a forced smile. Just about sums up the Stingerie household at this time - ha!
  2. The girls are not allowed to bring their animals to the kitchen table, which ensues anger every morning with the twins. Our solution? Set them up for breakfast at their play kitchen table. It's grown to have the girls pour them "coffee" and put play food in their dishes. #winning
  3. Movie night with dear friends. And probably the millionth time we've all seen Trolls.
  4. Princess wand and her princess hat.
  5. Beautiful roses our sweet gardener picked and delivered to me while I was outside playing with the girls.
  6. Evy feeding Ta-Ta pretzels at the playground.
  7. Stylin' Liv.
  8. Madi played hooky and we spent the day at the boulevard walking around and meeting up with friends for a picnic. 
  9. The last week of month Madi got a pretty high fever and was home almost a full week from school. She was feeling so bad she feel asleep on the sofa in a very uncomfortable-looking angle. Fortunately she's all better and her bff C survived the separation. ;-)

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