Thursday, June 29, 2017

Monthly Wrap-up: June Part 1

We had a lot of fun in June with multiple birthday parties (including our own), long weekends, and lots of play outdoors and with friends.

We visited our friend Jessie's pool with their kids and our friend Christine's family. My girls have mastered not smiling at the same time for pictures and preferred sitting on the towel and eating crackers to getting into the pool until it was almost time to go home, naturally, haha.

  1. Breakfast shenanigans with some Lucky Charms a friend from church brought for the girls.
  2. Evy stealing my camera to take pictures of Ta-Ta cat.
  3. Strawberries freshly picked by the gardeners for us. Soooo delicious!
  4. Coloring fun with Clementine.
  5. Picnic outside.
  6. Snack time outside. We will attribute their lack of smiles to having recently woken from naps.
  7. Evy climbed into her car seat, put her arms under the straps, and buckled the top buckle. We weren't going anywhere though. 
  8. Liv tucking herself into the doll bed to go "nigh nigh".
  9. Books and snuggles with my younger girls. ❤️

One Sunday after church we headed to the Cinnabon for a treat. All was well until one twin pushed the other knocking a plate over and breaking it. Hopefully we are allowed back because these three love Cinnabon!

Madi's good friend Clementine was out of town for her birthday party plus the two of them have been asking for a pajama party. Anna and I decided to spend a Saturday with the girls starting with breakfast just the four of us, playing all day at one another's houses and the school end of year fair, followed by decorating their own mini cakes and a movie in their pajamas. They'll be apart the whole summer so I'm glad they got to have this time together before both our families left for the summer holiday.

The girls have been amazing us lately with their recollection and inference skills showing they are understanding and processing so much! One evening after bath time we were playing with the girls and were amazed when both Evy and Liv sang Five Little Monkeys!

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