Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Today was the epitome of a lazy day and exactly what our family needed. The past couple of weeks have been crazy with sickness (me) and preparing for the joint birthday party we held for the girls yesterday (posts to come soon!). The girls stayed up super late the night of the party and so we began our morning quite late around 9:15 am.

The girls watched some television while Jason and I got a breakfast of pancakes and bacon ready for everyone. They were a bit grumpy waiting and finished before we got a chance to eat so back to the television for them and Jason and I got a chance to eat breakfast quietly just the two of us.

We spent most of the day playing inside with new toys the girls received or old favorites - basically just hanging out. It was relaxing, full of laughter and dancing, and absolutely perfect. Madi opened one of her gifts, a Melissa and Doug jewelry kit, and got to work with Daddy helping finish it and assist with the bracelet.

That afternoon we decided to take advantage of the fact that the girls all slept in and took a good nap (the twins at least, Madi doesn't nap but did lay down for a bit) and took everyone to go see Cars 3. The movies don't play for very long in English here (usually gone after less than a week) so it was our only chance. They all behaved really well and we realized it was the twins' first time going to the movie theater.

We did not capture a picture of Jason with all three of his girls. :-( However, I was happy to leave my phone upstairs and be totally present and unplugged with my family for the whole day with lots of special memories. Happy Father's Day to our amazing Dad - the girl's top choice for cuddles, the best tickler, and an incredible role model and leader for our family. We love you!

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