Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy Easter! He is risen! He is risen indeed. :-) We got to enjoy the blossoming spring flowers and sunny weather most of our long Easter break (we had Wednesday - Monday off!). We spent our time unpacking the baby shipment that arrived just prior to Easter and the rest enjoying the weather outside as much as possible. 

We went for a walk to Stokka lake to feed the ducks. Well, mostly the swans. Madi has gotten great at tearing apart bread and dropping it to the swans that hover just below. She also insisted on bringing her stroller and pushing Kitty and Hans. :-)

Madi also played fetch... just kidding. But she did discover sticks and the fun that they hold.

We caught these two cuddling one another... after each had a go of cat nip. ;-)

I had fun making Madi's Easter basket in the US. I kept it low-key using items all from the dollar store and choosing a basket that can be used again this summer for outdoor play. 

She was a bit grumpy waking up Easter morning, but once we told her there was chocolate in the blue egg she perked up quite a bit. We also gave her a few things that the grandparents had bought her like books and some play food for her kitchen. Both were a big hit!

And of course the grumpiness continued to just before church when we told her she couldn't have any more chocolate or marshmallows. 

But Lily, the pastor's daughter, shared one of her Easter basket toys with Madi and she had a ball!

Obligatory family photo. :-)

Jason made a delicious beef roast for dinner and we enjoyed the leftovers in sandwiches and salads the rest of the weekend. 

And what would Easter be without an egg hunt?! We did a small one for Madi at our house and another at a friend's house on actual Easter Sunday. I'm glad we did ours earlier in the week because the weather was much better!

Our Easter egg hunt on Friday. We planned to have some friends over that afternoon, but Madi got sick that morning and we didn't want to risk her getting anyone else sick. :-/

Happy Easter 2015 from our family to yours! :-)

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