Thursday, April 30, 2015

First Father-Daughter Dance

This past weekend Jason and Madi experienced a first - they attended a Father-Daughter Dance hosted by ISS! Madi had the perfect party dress for the event and loves dancing so we knew it would be a blast. (Plus this is her only chance to go and have Daddy all to herself before her sisters arrive - then Jason gets to try and juggle dancing with three daughters, hehe.)

She was super excited when we told her she was going dancing with Daddy. She clung to his leg while he was tying his tie and happily waved "bye bye" to me and practically ran out the door with Daddy.

I did get a few pictures beforehand, but only after bribing her with a marshmallow (she was ready to get partying!)

My friend Kelly was one of the organizers of the event and sent me this sweet picture of my two favs dancing. :-)

Jason was super sweet and made sure to take pictures of all the fun they were having. And I so did not cry looking at them or thinking about how much fun they had... ;-)

The fathers wrote a letter to their daughters, which the organizers printed on fancy paper and had waiting for the girls. (And of course I didn't cry again when Jason let me read Madi's!)

There was a craft table where Jason made the sweetest frame for Madison! I can't wait to put a picture of the two of them in it. We had it sitting on the table and the next morning Madi walked over to it and said "Daddy made". Heart. melted. 

Those two had a blast at the dance and I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband who sets an example of a godly and loving father to Madi and her future sisters. :-)

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