Monday, April 20, 2015

Madi: 22 Months

- Woo boy! You are having real conversations with us! It's mind boggling how smart you are and what you are saying. Here was one cute conversation we had this month.

                Madi: I can't find kitty cat!
                Mommy: Well where did you have him last?
                Madi: Kitchen. I go find.

And just like that you are conversing with us. It's precious and priceless. :-)

- You have started to realize opposites and word associations. You were hanging out the window of your playhouse and said "Madi don't fit." I responded, "Yes, the window is too small for Madi." And you quickly said back "Madi too big." How in the world you knew that me saying the window was too small meant the same thing as Madi being too big is beyond me!

- We got our shipment of baby stuff for your sisters just before Easter and transitioned you into your new big girl room. It basically consisted of us moving you down there and bam, you were fine. No interruption in your 12 hours of sleep and no issues. In fact, you seem to love the room even more and have started letting us read a devotional to you and start reading your bedtime stories again! One time you even asked me to sing to you (gasp!). However, the next night when I sang you asked me to stop so that was apparently a one-time request. ;-)

- Speaking of your bedtime books... it's been months since we read them. I think last October probably. Yet you opened up Goodnight Teddy and began telling us what Teddy was doing on every page! You remembered the order of the story and the sound effects we would make with each activity (like nom nom nom for when Teddy eats his dinner). You also love flipping through the devotional book (which you call "devo-she-ann-ull" in the most adorable way). I caught you reading the "devo-she-ann-ull" the other day on the sofa (but really it was a customs bill, hehe)

- You are starting to realize opposites, but you don't always get them right. You will say "I like it" when you really mean you don't like (based on the look on your face and either handing us food back to spitting it out). You also will say Madi go in when we are talking about going outside. You haven't quite realized how to differentiate between them, but we love listening to you say "Daddy go out" when you are asking Daddy to come in. :-)

- You have started to become more independent. Over the last few days you have been climbing into your car seat all by yourself. There have been a few times we have discovered you in your booster seat at the table and we weren't there to help you. You are becoming better at going up and down stairs by yourself too.


We love you so much and love being your parents! We've had some challenging times this month when it comes to you listening to us, but we couldn't be more happy about the precious little lady you are becoming. We got the most wonderful report from your school about how happy (they used the word sunshine!) you are and how kind you are to the other children. It melted our hearts to hear just how great you are doing at school and how much you love it!

We can't believe that in just a couple months you are going to be two!! How in the world did that happen?!?

Daddy and Mommy

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