Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Twin Tuesday: 24 Weeks!

How far along: 24 weeks (click here to see 24 weeks with Madi!)

Gender: Baby girls! Here is our gender reveal video.

Twins' Development: The babies' lungs are developing "branches" along with their taste buds. The top of my uterus is now about three inches above my belly button. (Source: Baby Center Twins)

Sleep: No complaints! I have been staying up a bit later than usual and am feeling that, but we have a long Easter break coming up this week so I should have a chance to rest. 

Movement: Yes! Jason got to feel the first official kick externally while we were in Houston. I was still feeling them inside, but it wasn't until Jason's birthday, the day after we arrived back from the States, that I felt kicks! Now they've been going crazy and we've both felt them tons. :-)

Unglamorous body changes: I'm starting to feel large and noticed tons of blue veins across the sides of my stomach and chest. I remember noticing them with Madi, but not this pronounced. No stretch marks on the horizon, which I am grateful about. 

Maternity Clothes? Yep! I wore a regular medium t shirt yesterday lounging around the house and felt pretty awesome when I lifted my arms and the shirt creeped up above my pants line... Guess I need to see if I have some larger t shirts!

Showing: Yes! My weight gain has been a bit unimpressive (less than with Madi at this time even though I am clearly bigger), but I lost a good bit more in the beginning and the doctor isn't at all concerned based on how the babies are measuring. 

Food cravings: Salad. Every since returning from the States I have been wanting salad - basically anything light and not greasy. ;-)

What I miss: A margarita. On the rocks, with salt, and top shelf tequila. Mmmmm.

Anything making you queasy: Nope.

Strange experiences: Honestly, the pregnancy so far feels identical to Madi's (which is great). I am incredibly grateful for that since things were so smooth with her, but it's making it hard for me to still process and reconcile having two babies instead of one. I told Jason I don't think I will fully accept or believe it until I see two babies come out of me and put into my arms!

Best moment this month: It was so wonderful to see so many friends and family while we were in Houston!! I cherished the time we had and it went by much too quickly. We also got all of our shopping done for the babies and the shipment gets delivered tomorrow - yay!!!

Also, we have finalized names! We plan to keep them between us until their arrival, but are excited and have started ordering a couple personalized things so I don't get them mixed up. ;-)

Looking forward to: Unpacking and setting up the twins' nursery. 

24 Week Appt and Prayer Request: Today was my 24 week appointment. It went really well and the babies are measuring great still. The baby on the right is measuring slightly above for 24 weeks and the baby on the left is measuring slightly below for 24 weeks. But both are within the range to not be concerned. 

Also, at the last two appointments, both babies have been breech. It's still too early to make any calls about delivery, but we found out today that the baby on the right has now flipped to be head down and pushed baby on the left from being closest to the cervix... however, the baby on the left is still breech and has got her feet basically under the other baby's head. It's still early like I said, but if they stay this way, then it will not be good for a vaginal delivery due to entanglement. The prayer request is that either baby on the left pulls her feet up away from obstructing the birth channel and her sister or she flips. 

Besides that the doctor was impressed with how well I am doing still. She also checked me just to make sure that there was no shortening of the cervix or anything and based on that and how things are going she still believes I have a good chance of making it to week 38 (at which point Norway would induce). I am very grateful for such a smooth pregnancy, especially with twins, and am praying hard for an optimal baby positioning for vaginal delivery. 

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