Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Sleepovers, Socializing, Sip and See

After Jason left last Sunday to go offshore, we found this cute note at bedtime in Goodnight Teddy. So sweet!

We've survived a week without Daddy, but we sure miss him! We stayed pretty busy though which helped the time fly by!

I've gone outside an picked plums a couple times and I have a feeling that's going to be an almost daily activity soon! We have a tree in our backyard and there are so many plums that the branches are drooping down from the weight of them! Most aren't ready quite yet, but there have been a couple good hauls thus far! And man are they delicious! Any plum recipes out there you can share?!

Tuesday night we had a sleepover. You read that right - a sleepover. Me, Madi, and three friends from work all about the same age drinking wine (don't worry, Madi only had one glass ;-) ), watching a movie (except not really because we were chatting), and sleeping. It was very refreshing to have a girls gabfest and everyone loved the short commute to work the next day. :-)

Thursday we snagged an invite over to Adeline's house (aka Madi's BFF). It had been way too long since these two had gotten together thanks to crazy summer schedules and it was so fun watching them toddle around together since Adeline has started walking now!

Friday we headed downtown to meet up with our friend Emily. It has been way too long since we'd seen each other so it was fabulous to catch up with her and walk around downtown. We tried a new place, Kanelsnurren Bakeri, and it was fabulous! Probably my favorite coffee, pastry, and sandwiches I've had in Stavanger to-date.

We had a lazy Saturday morning of playing with stuffed animals. The kittens were just plain lazy.

On Saturday I helped co-host a Sip and See shower with Courtney and Liz for our friend, Hilary. They moved to Norway towards the end of her pregnancy and baby Xander was born June 21, the day after Madi! We've loved getting to know their family and this was a fun way to welcome their baby boy after his arrival.

Courtney gets all the kudos for decorations and planning and she did a fabulous job! She's definitely got a talent for it and her cupcakes were amazing! Liz made a fruit skewers and a delicious dip and I tried my hand at Oreo pops. Everything went beautifully, but seeing this handsome guy was definitely the highlight!

I was able to sneak away from Madi for the shower thanks to Kemi and her family watching Madi! Kemi is a dear friend who adores Madi. She watched her every Tuesday when I was on maternity so I could go running and I think she was anxious to get some Madi time again!

Our busy Saturday didn't end there! I jumped at an invitation to Thad and Erica's because (a) I didn't want to cook, (b) she makes a fabulous grilled salmon, and (c) fabulous company. Heather brought her dog Sader and let's just say Madi has given and received a fair amount of doggie slobber via kisses she was so in love.

A couple of nights I needed some extra sleep so I strategically placed a pacifier in the crib after Madi had fallen asleep... I posted the picture on Facebook and was pleasantly reassured that my actions were acceptable after hearing from friends who place 4-5 pacis, books, toys, and anything else they can for a few extra minutes!

We've gotten a few chances to talk to Daddy, but we are sure ready to have him back. He's definitely missed around here!!!! Getting dressed is a bit strategic...sometimes you just let your kid play with your eyeliner. Or a box of teething sachets. Or milk cartons.

Madi and Mommy alive after one week of single parenting? Check. Hopefully just a couple more days...

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