Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Toy Despair and Beach Fun

This week was a sad one as we had to say good-bye to Aunt Lil. She arrived just before the Fourth of July and was here for close to three weeks. She got to watch Madi during the day while we were at work and we spent the weekends taking her to see this beautiful country! On Monday, we shared our last cup of coffee for awhile and a blurry final picture (Madi didn't get the memo that it was still too early to be running around yet... ) :-(

Earlier in the week, Lily had noticed some strange behavior from Madi. She texted me mentioning nightmares and being scared of a stuffed puppy. I hadn't the foggiest idea what she could be referring to at first. When I got home Lily showed me the culprit of Madi's nightmares - her Fisher Price Learning Puppy. She used to love this puppy! I had to see for myself. Then we had to show Jason. Then we had to capture it on video. So yes, you read that correctly. We knowingly upset Madi multiple times with the learning puppy (all in the name of documenting, right?)

Isn't that the saddest face ever?!

I showed the video to my mom and after being scolded by her for our cruetly was informed that she and Madi played with learning puppy almost every single day when my mom was here in March. Could it be that Madi was crying because she misses Grandma?! :-)

The weather this week was incredibly hot! Like, hottest temperatures since 1905 I was informed by my Norwegian co-worker. And since there is no central AC anywhere and fans are sold out everywhere, the only logical thing to do is go to the beach!

On Friday, I met some friends at Gladmat downtown. It's an amazing food festival that we visited pretty much every single day last year since we lived downtown. We had fun walking around with Courtney and Xaden and then Jennifer and Brandon. Madi and Xaden got lots of compliments walking around together about how cute they were! And of course I took zero pictures. I blame the gets to you! Thankfully, Courtney was able to sort-of get a picture of the kiddos! They preferred each other's snack canisters...even though they were identical and even held the same brand of puffs...

Today was quite sad...we had to say goodbye to Daddy. He flew offshore today and will be gone for hopefully just a week (maybe less, hopefully not more!). Fortunately, we should be able to Skype him while he's gone (if his flight ever leaves - it might still be waiting on weather :-/ )

Hope you have a fabulous week! And if you're in the Stavanger-area and want us to take dinner off your hands, we will gladly oblige. ;-)

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