Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Best Wednesday Ever

Not much can top the Wednesday that Madi had (hence the blog post title). I'm pretty sure it was her favorite day ever so far and for good reasons - animals, jumping, ice cream, and she saw her favorite band in concert! Sounds like a pretty good day, huh?!

I figured I would let her tell you all about it this week... :-)

My day started out like any other day - drop off at barnehage by Daddy, pick up that afternoon by Mommy. But when we got home, Mommy and Daddy were racing around packing up the diaper bag and all I wanted to do was be held after a long day without them. Is that so much to ask?! A pacifier got stuck in my mouth as they hurried about and next thing I know I am being strapped into that awful torture device [carseat] for who knows how long.

Then things started to go my way... they took me out of the torture device and I was free to run around. I heard them say something about Baker Hughes Family Day, but I was distracted by the pigs and goats and bunnies (which I got to feed!!).

Next they took me to the most wonderful place ever - a jumpy thing and a trampoline! I ran around with the big kids and held my own very well, if I do say so.

I was having loads of fun when I was dragged off and given the most delicious dinner ever - my first hot dog. It was amazing.

Afterwards I got to pet the sheep and goats. One almost tried to head butt me, but Daddy intervened. He should have known he was just playing around - come on Daddy. Oh well.

Then I was given my very own ice cream! And I insisted on holding it myself. So. good. But Daddy started asking for bites (even though he had already eaten his own). But I'm super nice so I let him have a couple (huge) bites of mine.

I started getting really tired so I didn't fight the torture device this time around. I drifted off to sleep and instead of being gently woken and laid down in my bed, Mommy took me out and laid me in my stroller. She thought I might go back to sleep - ha! I needed to see where I was and what was going on. Next thing I knew, I couldn't hear anymore. These pink things were put on my ears and I got the idea (after Mommy and Daddy kept swiping my hand away when I tried to take them off), that perhaps I needed to keep them on. I obliged.

Loud music started playing and lights were shining everywhere. I watched for a long time in Daddy's arms, then Mommy's arms, then Daddy's again and finally I decided I was done being passed around and only let Mommy hold me. I started to drift to sleep a couple times, but knew these crazy people had to have kept me out for a reason. Then. Out of no where. The most amazing song ever.

My favorite song in the world started playing!!!!!

Mommy and I sang and danced and I smiled through my sleepiness and then watched the loud and colorful fireworks in the harbor.

I fell asleep in the torture device immediately and this time when Mommy took me out she laid me down in my warm comfy bed and I fell back asleep right away, dreaming of the best Wednesday ever.

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