Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Bittersweet Endings and Beginnings

This was a tough week! Sally, our amazing nanny for the past eight months, finished her job with us and moved back to Australia. She was absolutely amazing and we feel so blessed to have found her and had her watching Madi. She was one of the most kind, generous, loving, and honest people. And she loved on Madi so much!! We're sad to see her go and sad that it's going to be awhile until we get to see her and meet her future little one, but a great excuse to visit Australia, right?!

We surprised Sally with a few baby / goodbye gifts, including the same kitty that Madi loves and cherishes (and that we have spares of in case anything were to happen to kitty). We hope Ms Sally's future little girl loves her kitty as much as Madi!

And then Sally surprised us with a beautiful flower arrangement and a Willow Tree to add to our collection.

It was tough saying goodbye and we are going to miss her dearly. She is going to be an amazing mom and I hope we get to meet her little one someday!!

The second tough thing was this Friday - it was my last Friday off with Madi before returning to work full-time. I feel blessed to have had a job and boss who allowed me to work part-time since January. But now that Madi is starting barnehage (daycare), there's not a reason for me to continue part-time.

Madi and I made the most of our day together! We gambled on the light rain and headed to Stokka to feed the ducks. She did a great job walking and the sun came out giving us a win on our bet!

Afterwards we walked up to the mall for a cup of coffee and a snack. We enjoyed walking around the mall together and relaxing before heading home to naptime. We spent the afternoon playing indoors before going and picking up Daddy from the office to grab pizza for dinner.

It was a wonderful day, but definitely went by too quickly!

And tomorrow - eek, tomorrow! - Madi starts her first day of barnehage! They have a transition time so we will only go for a couple hours tomorrow, then half day Tuesday, and depending on how she's doing with the transition, a full day Wednesday.

Please keep all of us in your prayers as we transition to this new routine (and battle four canine teeth all poking through Miss Madi's sore gums today...)

Have a great week!

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