Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Madi: 14 Months

This month flew by so quickly (although I think I am guilty of saying that every month...). Daddy was offshore for a lot of it and so we got to spend some quality Mommy-Madi time together. There were some tough moments, but for the most part you were an angel while he was gone.

And speaking of angel - my little future Pi Phi! I had ordered a onesie from Pi Phi Express when I first found out I was pregnant. I am so thrilled that we have a beautiful baby girl who might someday be a Pi Phi too! We had to take some photos of you in your angel wings with your Pi Phi bear that Ms Chelsea got you. :-)

Here are some of the fun memories from this month -

  • You have not one, but two sleepovers. Well technically the first was Mommy's but the second was with Caleb and Ty and their mommy, Kara. Daddy wasn't too happy when he heard you had a sleepover with boys! ;-)
  • You completed your set of four molars (two top and two bottom at the same time!) and immediately began working on the canines. You are drooling like crazy again, chewing on your fingers, and being a bit picky with your food. Oh and a bit grumpy too sometimes!
  • Climbing is all the rage here! You've now gotten onto the sofa using my leg instead of your chair. And we got pictures of you climbing the cat's tower as well. Who knows what you'll conquer next...
  • You are started to get frustrated with us when we don't understand what you are pointing at, asking for, or trying to do. I look forward to when you can say more words (and simultaneously fear it). 
  • If we show you something or say something, you try to repeat the action or word. You are quick to catch on with doing new things and starting to get more sounds in your vocabulary.
  • You've always been fascinated with your shoes, but recently you started taking an interest in mine. You brought a pair boots into another room (a matching pair, I might add) and then proceeded to fill them with anything and everything you could find around you. Note to self: begin checking shoes before putting them on my feet.
  • You are much more generous with your kisses these days, which is great for Daddy and Mommy! However, you need to keep the snogging with playmates to a minimum please!

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