Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Busy, but Fun!

It was another l-o-n-g and busy week! I'm still single-parenting and just spent the last three hours trying to harvest our garden's massive amount of currants, gooseberries, and especially plums (more to come about all of those with pictures and recipe links!) But until then, here's the wrap-up!

Jason came home from offshore Monday night...and then left again early Friday morning! :-( He soaked up as much Madi time as he could those short days in between.

I promise we do not talk on the phone hardly ever (98% of our phone calls are wrong numbers and we usually text and FaceTime) - so I have no idea why this little duck is obsessed with using anything and everything like a phone...

Friday we had a fun coffee date with Ms Anna and her cutie pie Toby! Aren't these two precious?!

Later that afternoon my friend Kara and her two boys came over for a sleepover. Her husband is out of town as well so we figured it would be fun to hang out after the kiddos bedtime - and it was! :-)

This was also Madi's first sleepover...and it was with boys, hehe! Caleb and Ty are 2 and 3 and they are seriously some of the most adorable and well-behaved boys. They are so sweet and not rough at all with Madi so it's perfect getting the three of them together! We were so busy having fun we didn't take hardly any pictures! Here's a couple of the kiddos mesmerized with Frozen (of course!) -

Saturday we attended Adeline's 1st birthday party!! It was such a fun celebration! I made a collage card of pictures of Madi and Adeline to go with her gift. These two sure have had a lot of fun together in the past few months (and so have their mommas ;-) )

Sunday morning we went to church, but before Madi got her morning exercises done. I'm glad she's already learning the importance of stretching. ;-)

Church is serious business!

It was a good week, but we are ready (still - ha!) for Daddy to come home! Hope you had a wonderful week and are ready for Monday!

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