Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Preparing for Barnehage + First Couple Weeks There

One of the things we've had to start doing over the past couple of months is get prepared for barnehage (Norwegian daycare). Similar to daycare in the States, things need to be labeled, etc. but the list of items we needed to have is a bit different than I imagine it would be in the States.

Norway has a huge emphasis on outdoors. I've seen school classes riding bikes and running laps around the lakes here. The motto in Norway is "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing." Suffice it to say that year-round, in all weather conditions, people of all ages are outside and being active.

This meant that we needed to buy a few special pieces of clothing for Madi to bring to barnhage due to the amount of time they spend outside. We even have the option of leaving a stroller there for Madi to take naps outside (and some barnehage only have strollers for children to nap outside). So you can imagine the clothing they need is pretty serious since Norway gets rainy and cold starting now and continuing for the next seven or eight months!

We've been acquiring Madi's rain / winter gear and testing it out the past few days as the rain has started to become a daily visitor once again. And I have to say, she's a pretty cute little puff in all of her different gear!


Oh and Madi is now regularly saying "pees" for "please". So. Adorable. :-)

Two weeks ago she started at barnehage - and she handled it like a champ! We never had to go get her or be called because she was crying.  There's only been one time she's cried... that was last week when Jason went to pick up in the afternoon and she didn't want to go home... She's was having too much fun playing outside!

Oh, and get this - guess who the only one sleeping in a crib is?! Madi. They even asked us to bring our stroller home today - ha!

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