Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Our four year anniversary started out yesterday with me updating my status on FB. True to my nerdy self I decided the night before what I was going to say and emailed it to myself so I could quickly copy and paste it that morning. Yep, I'm that bad. :-)

Here's what I said - "Jason Stingerie, 8 years ago when you asked me out on our first date I didn't grasp what an incredible blessing God had brought into my life. These past 4 years as husband and wife have taught us a lot and we've grown closer as a result. I love you so much and I can't imagine embarking on life's adventures with anyone else. I'm so excited for what's in store for us next as we move to Europe! Happy Anniversary!!!"

I truly do feel so blessed to have Jason in my life. He is such a hard-working, honest, godly, and patient man. He makes me feel so loved and I respect him so much. Okay enough of the sappy stuff.

After work we headed to our anniversary dinner at Frank's Chop House as part of HRW.

The food was SO delicious!!

And they gave us a complimentary bottle of wine for our anniversary! How nice!!

We splurged and bought ourselves an AMAZING bundt cake at the fabulous Nothing Bundt Cake.

Cinnamon swirl deliciousness!

(We tried a small slice before dinner which was a good thing because we were too full to eat any afterwards!)

And Jason surprised me with beautiful flowers!!

It was an amazing anniversary with my amazing hubby! :-D

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