Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: Words, Boxing Gloves, and Valentine's Day

This week had some definite highs and lows! For starters, the big high this week was Miss Madi saying her first word - Da Da!! So adorable! She's been saying it all week along with some "b" sounds, but definitely no Ma Ma on the horizon... yet. :-)

I had Monday off and got to spend it with this cutie pie -

And she decided that Daddy was the perfect climbing obstacle. And the sofa. But we didn't let her do a full flip over the side despite her attempts!

The rest of the week I had Offshore Safety Training. I was literally putting out fires at work. ;-)

The course also included first aid and emergency preparation. Which I did not expect to need or use so quickly... On Thursday, I got one of those phone calls (or rather three since my phone was on vibrate and I didn't realize it at lunch...) Madi had an accident. She was crawling and put her hand on the wall heaters in the apartment, which get very hot. I was able to remain calm and tell Sally to take Madi to the emergency room - Jason and I would meet them there.

I still don't know how I didn't burst into tears on the way there, in the doctor's office where I saw my sweet baby girl crying as Jason held her hand in a bucket of cold water, or as the doctor gently wrapped it up careful not to burst any of the blisters that covered her palm and fingers. I did, however, breakdown that afternoon when I was alone and Madi went down for a nap.

As you can see, Madi did not let a bum hand hold her back. She spent the afternoon acting her usual happy as a lark little self.

On Friday, we took our little Valentine to the doctor's office for them to evaluate the burns. She got second degree burning and they had to pop the blisters and re-bandage her hand. Daddy and I had a talk with Madi about going for first place next time and not second - nobody like second place. But at least she knew better than to get third place. :-) We have to go back tomorrow morning as well for them to change her bandages and put more cream on.

Madi was the perfect little Valentine and I was thankful to get to spend some extra time with her despite the unfortunate circumstances. She's definitely the cutest little Valentine!! Although she has a wicked right hook with that boxing glove on. She's gotten both Mommy and Daddy in the face the past few days. But I think it's been unintentional. ;-)

We had a quite Valentine's evening at home. Jason bought me flowers (which Zoey proceeded to eat during the night) and I made cupcakes for Jason.

Saturday night our good friend Kemi and her family came over to watch Madi so Jason and I could go out. It was our first date night since my mom watched Madi! We went bowling and to dinner afterwards and had a wonderful time.

Unfortunately, Madi had a bit of a rough night. She didn't want to go to sleep and after we got home around 10:00 pm she woke up and just wanted to be held. The poor thing had a fever yesterday and because we were concerned about infection in her hand we took her to the doctor. Fortunately, her hand is healing fine and the burns are looking good, but she does have some sort of viral infection in her throat and nose causing her some congestion and discomfort. She just can't catch a break! :-(

So we took her to bed with us and had some Madi snuggles for part of the night. She woke up around 2:00 am she kept squirming and laying there with her eyes open, looking somewhat resigned, until I put her back in the crib and she slept fine the rest of the night. Little cutie just wanted her own bed back! :-)

Please keep Madi in your prayers for a full and quick recovery, from both the viral infection and her hand. We hope you had a wonderful week and a Happy Valentine's!!

Oh and Madi promises to cut back on the pain killers - We think she went a little overboard on her dosage and spiked her milk. ;-)

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