Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: A Quiet(er) Week, Maybe

After an eventful last week, it was refreshing to have things slow down... at least for one week because we are moving on Friday! I can't believe it's here already and that next Sunday I'll be writing this post in our new space.

On Monday we met the new landlord and realtor at the house to discuss furniture and a few other odds and ends. The landlord seems really nice and easy-going (a much-needed change from our current landlord...) We were able to get the packing/moving scheduled for this Thursday and Friday and then guess who's spending the weekend burrowed away in unpacking, organizing, and decorating?! This girl. Love me some organizing! Lots of before/after pics to come once we get settled. :-)

Madi's hand is still healing well. The doctor changed out her bandages a couple more times this week and said we should be able to take them off tomorrow night and Madi can have her hand back! Because as you can see it's definitely slowing her down... Thanks for the continued prayers for healing for her!

On Thursday Miss Madi turned 8 months old! You can catch some highlights from her eighth month on the post here. She is getting to be more and more fun everyday!

Along with entertainment from Madi, we got quite a bit of entertainment from the less-mentioned Stingerie family members - Zoey and CeCe. They sat people watching together -

And then we may have put Zoey in the washer...

And this is how she felt about it...

But actually she was yawning and purring when this picture was taken. She's just awkward like that. :-)

Friday we had lunch with Daddy and our friend Ingrid at Baker and of course forgot to take pictures. :-/ Afterwards I ran to the grocery store and successfully transferred a sleepy duck from car-stroller-car with continued sleep. That's a first. And possibly a last since she wouldn't go back down after church today...

Friday night we had some new friends over for dinner. Brian and Liz just moved here with their daughter Adeline, who's just a month and a half younger than Madi. Liz messaged me on Facebook a couple months ago and we've been messaging back and forth since then. I felt like I already knew her and meeting her in person was fabulous! Madi and Adeline had a fun time together too! Such cutie pies!

Saturday we ran a couple errands and took Madi to Capella Play, an indoor play area for kids. Sally, her nanny, takes her there every week and we can see why! Madi loves it!! She can roll and fall on the soft play mats, watch and talk to other babies, and crawl around until her heart's content. We had a blast watching her play.

Sunday we headed over to our friend's Niko and Claudia to have a delicious traditional German meal with them and their baby girl Elisa. She's a few months younger than Madi and a joy to be around! She has a great smile and we loved listening to her and Madi talk to each other.

Okay, so looking back maybe it wasn't that quiet of a week... But that's typical for the Stingerie's right?! ;-)

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