Thursday, February 20, 2014

Madi: Eight Months

I know I say this every month, but I still cannot believe you are growing up so fast!! You've been non-stop as usual so this month's post has a lot more videos since capturing non-blurry stills of you is a challenge these days. :-)

- You have gotten quite upset when you crawl under a chair, table, etc. and attempt to stand up, only to be thwarted by a "ceiling" or a parental unit pulling you back. Excuse us missy, but you don't fit under there!
- You are trying to climb everything. But your favorite thing to climb is Mommy and Daddy. And the edge of the sofa.

- You have switched from loving to look at the mirror to loving to look at pictures. It's like you all of a sudden realized that you and Mommy and Daddy are in those pictures and you love them. :-)
- You are still a very active baby girl! You "walk" or crawl between toys, move up and then down again (almost like you are doing squats), and like to play with everything. We got you doing some laps on this video, sorry it's kind of long. The noise making you smiling is Mommy making kissing lips. Gets you to smile so big every time!!

- You are still a rockstar sleeper! You typically go from 7 pm - 7 am ish. Quite a few days though, when Mommy and Daddy start get ready in the morning though you tend to wake up and start babbling to yourself. By the time we come get you, you have woken up, crawled to the corner of the crib by the door, and are standing there excited and ready for us! It's precious.
- You still absolutely adore the kittens!! They don't have reciprocal feelings. You smile really big at them whenever you see them and have started saying "Ee ee" because you are so excited. You are also crawling towards them and pulling up on the rocker chair where Zoey likes to sleep. This makes her run away.

- Speaking of chasing kittens, you went after one last week lounging in front of the heater and tried to stand up on it, burning your hand. It was quite the scary phone call Mommy and Daddy received from Miss Sally! You had your bandages changed for the third time yesterday and the said it's still healing well and you should be able to take the glove and bandages off this Sunday or Monday.

The "boxing glove" you've been wearing hasn't slowed you down one bit though. You have continued to crawl, climb, stand, and do everything as usual, albeit somewhat slippery with the glove on. ;-)

- Peek-a-boo has become your favorite game! Whether it's behind a blanket, around a corner, or with our backs turned. You smile so big every time and we love playing it with you!
- You've started to understand that Mommy and Daddy leave in the morning. You whine a little bit, are typically okay once we are out the door. And when you look up and see us when we come home in the afternoon you are So. Excited. You start squealing and flapping your arms to be held by us. We cherish it. :-)
- You began doing this cough-type thing back in December. It was kind of cute, but also kind of weird (just being honest here). Fortunately, you've opted for actual words and have stopped doing it, but we were able to capture it on video before you retired the sound.

- We are getting a little worried that you might try to start walking next month. For awhile now you've let go of a standing toy and continued standing for a second or two. Two days ago however, you let go of Daddy and stood by yourself for a good five or six seconds and began to attempt a step towards him before falling down. Too soon missy. Too soon. :-/
- We took you to feed the ducks for the first time last weekend. The sun came out to play and we needed to get out of the house for a bit. We weren't sure how you would like it, but you absolutely loved it! You smiled so big as I held you and Daddy threw pieces of bread. You started talking to the ducks and watching the seagulls swoop in overhead.

- Words. You decided that "Da Da" should be the first thing to say. Both Mommy and Daddy have tried saying "Ma Ma" to you and you retort back "Da Da" almost every time. You've also gotten your "B" sounds with "Ba" and "E" sounds with "E". You can catch the video of Madi speaking for the first time here.
- Your top two teeth came in this month! You were a bit fussy for a couple of days, but still slept wonderfully at night. I guess from this point on it's continual teething because you've still been drooling and chewing like crazy!
- You are getting better at diaper changes. Mostly because we began giving you raspberries on your tummy! They make you laugh. You made Mommy and Daddy laugh when all of a sudden you gave the sofa a raspberry! Since then you've given Mommy's arm and Daddy's arm raspberries. ;-)

- You most definitely had a growth spurt last week! You were quite unpleasant for half a day and when we sat down to read a book, you grabbed the empty bottle next to it and began crying. Silly Mommy and Daddy didn't get your message. We gave you extra food then and for the next few days as you insisted and were a much happier baby. Go figure. :-)
- You've decided that outdoors is a better place to nap than your crib. Miss Sally has gotten some good naps when you're in the stroller chilling on the patio or on a walk. Good thing we live in Norway where it's acceptable for babies to be sleeping outside regardless of the temperature. ;-)

Madi girl -

I wish I could freeze you at this stage right now and hold onto you forever! It's definitely been the most fun seeing you begin to grasp new talents like perfecting your standing skills and beginning to talk. You are getting so big, but I love that you are still my little baby. It hurt Mommy so much to see you suffering when you hurt your hand and I was more than happy to oblige to your desire to be snuggled the rest of the weekend. There are few things better than your Madi snuggles! :-) You are such a joy to be around and so happy! Your smile just lights up my day when we walk in the door after work. You smile really big and start squealing until we're holding you in our arms. We thank the Lord every day for the wonderful blessing of being your parents and we love you so much baby girl.

Daddy and Mommy

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