Saturday, February 1, 2014

February, What Happened to January?!

Dear February 1 -

How are you? It's really not a great time to see you. I blinked and January had disappeared, quicker than ever before. Perhaps that's partially because of me returning to work? Or perhaps because I cannot believe that Miss Madi is seven, going on eight months old now?

Regardless, you are here and I believe you'll be staying for at least the next, hmmm, 28 days so perhaps I should get used to it. Especially since you have some redeeming qualities like Valentine's Day, but particularly SUPER BOWL SUNDAY IN WHICH THE DENVER BRONCOS ARE PLAYING!!!!!!!!!

Do the shouty-capital letters yield any insight as to my excitement?! And yes, it's on TV here in Norway and yes, it's at midnight, and no we haven't whether or not we are pulling an all-nighter, calling in sick Monday, or watching it Monday night. Tough decisions.

Anyway, I figured I'd better capture some of January's memories before I blink and it's all of a sudden March... :-)

1. Madi is famous! Well, she's in print at least. ;-) We sent in her newborn picture to the Mines magazine and were excited to get our copy this month!

2. Teething. Yep, a beaver slipped into Madi's crib and attacked it. No more teeth have made an appearance, but she's drooling, biting, and gnawing hardcore. I am sure they will be making an appearance soon. Fortunately, they haven't disrupted her nighttime sleeping schedule.

3. Madi on the move. To the cat's food bowl. Which Daddy prevented her from eating. And then she threw a fit!

4. Mommy and Madi were matching in our Banana Republic and Baby Gap tops along with our Tory Burch and Janie and Jack red sweaters. Such a fun perk of having a baby girl! :-)

5. Cannot get enough of this little girl's smile!! Although I could do with less of her speeding around this toy table. She's getting pretty fast peeps!

6. Madi and Gabriel had a play date today! They were adorable to watch. Even when Gabriel "kissed" Madi on the head and she barreled past him on her third lap around the toy table knocking him down to the ground. Fortunately, he didn't seem to mind. But we are a little concerned she's gonna be a heartbreaker...

7. Our new favorite book - Ten Little Kisses. Madi loves this book so much and in very intrigued and attentive every time we read it to her. It's absolutely precious!

8. Hello. My name is Madi and I have a toy addiction. Obviously there is only one logical solution for this... move to a bigger place!

9. That's right peeps! We are staying in Norway, but moving from Stavanger to Tananger. Both of our offices are in Tananger, we need more space for Madi, it's closer to barnehage, and we get more space for less money. We saw this place listed a week or so ago, visited the inside this past week, made an offer (to rent, not buy), and it was accepted!

We're not sure exactly when we will be moving with our current lease, etc. but sometime in the next couple of months we will be relocating! I am already salivating at the idea of unpacking and organizing... Ahhh. Bliss.

Here's to hoping that February does fly by quickly so we can get moved into our new home!! ;-)

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