Wednesday, December 4, 2013

London with the Ricketts!

Last week Madi, Jason, and I flew to London to visit Chelsea, Ryan, and Cole. Chelsea is one of my best friend's from college and we were excited to see them across the pond!

Madi and I flew out on Wednesday so we could spend a little more time with the Rickett family. Since Jason and I have already been to London (and Madi doesn't contribute much in the way of things to do), we had a relaxing time just walking around the city and visiting.

Friday afternoon Jason flew in to meet us. Madi and I waited at Starbucks for his arrival.

And we headed to Winter Wonderland! There was delicious white hot chocolate that Chelsea and I indulged in. Mmmmm. :-)

Saturday we took a day trip over to Salisbury in order to see Stonehenge. It was really neat to see, but very windy!!

Cutest photo bomb ever.

Afterwards we visited the Cathedral in town, walked around some, and grabbed lunch.

We caught the train ride back to London and (after a slightly chaotic trip home) relaxed and enjoyed our last evening together.

We had such a wonderful time with the Ricketts! Thanks for flying to Europe to visit us!!

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