Friday, December 20, 2013


We've been in the States for over two weeks now and I'm pretty sure I've gained at least a pound a day, haha. America is quite delicious! I'm just getting a chance to go through TONS of pictures we took in Chicago and Houston, the first two stops on our tour across the States.

Madi and I flew into Chicago on Sunday, Dec 1. We had a 9 hour flight from London that Madi did great on. I "tricked" her and kept waking her every three hours rather than let her sleep a large chunk. She was a little grumpy as a result, but it worked because once we landed in Chicago around 7:00 pm, we got home, ate, took a bath, and went to bed. She woke once at 4:00 am and went back to sleep with the paci until 6:00 am. Considering she usually gets up at 7:00 am, I call that a success! She was back to normal the following day. :-)

We spent time in Chicago with my dad, his wife, and the rest of our family on my dad's side. It was so wonderful for Madison to meet her Grandma!! We spent the time hanging out with everyone, attending a Christmas party, and just enjoying family! :-)

We celebrated my birthday with a delicious cake and Chinese take-out.

Lots of hanging out! Madison loved looking at the Christmas tree with Grandma and scooting around on the floor with Papa.

We took Madi to a Bohemian restaurant. She loved her dumplings and veggies!

She also decided that it was a good time to get her first tooth. But it was hard work growing it and she was a little cranky.

However, she loves brushing her teeth! Especially with Daddy's toothbrush... :-)

She was visited by St Nicholas on Dec 6 and had a stocking full of presents!

She attended the Czech's Christmas Party on Saturday and got to meet Santa and enjoy some delicious food! She loved the cantaloupe.

Afterwards we headed back to Grandma's and had dinner with all of the family and opened some more presents!

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