Monday, December 30, 2013

A Colorado Christmas

After Chicago and Houston, our next stop was Colorado to see friends and Jason's family. Once again, it took a day or so for Madi to warm-up to new people, but afterwards she did great! There was lots of playing, laughing, and fun times with everyone! :-)

Good little traveler! Note to self: remove headband prior to naps and car seat rides... :-/

We got to see some good friends for coffee and dinner as well as make a quick stop by our alma mater, the Colorado School of Mines.

Afterwards we headed down to Colorado Springs to spend time with Jason's family. We surprised Jason's sister Lily at school that day.

And had lots of fun and laughter during our visit!

We also drove up to Greeley to spend time with more family. Madi got to meet her Mörmör (great grandma) and her Meema (great GREAT grandma). We got a fabulous five-generation picture too!

But first, a Lily and Darcy selfie. Don't worry, it was at a stoplight. A red stoplight, just to clarify. ;-)

Back down in Colorado Springs we spent some time with Lisa's family. Unfortunately, I got sick before going over so my visit was cut short, but Jason and Madi stayed awhile longer. We also made sure to get a family photo before I left.

I promise she's not a Longhorn... she just likes to suck on those fingers... :-/

And it wouldn't be a trip to Colorado without a stop at Chipotle!!

Stay tuned for the rest of our Christmas adventure when we headed to Oklahoma City!

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