Sunday, September 22, 2013

Madi: Three Months

Friday was Madi's three month birthday! Daddy arrived home late Friday night after being gone most of the week. We did your photo shoot yesterday and you did fabulous as usual! The rest of the day however... let's just say you were grunting and fussy and not eating very well. :-/ It made for a long day and we still aren't sure what's going on with you! Maybe a growth spurt or residual shot discomfort?!

Her measurements are from the helsestasjon... obviously we didn't measure her length correctly for her two month post because she was the same (slightly shorter, but we rounded...) They were also a little concerned with her weight since she didn't gain very much. We are going back in two weeks to check. It might have been because of her cold or her reflux that she didn't gain a lot, but we need to make sure she's getting what she needs. We'd appreciate prayers that she will start gaining more weight and that I will have enough milk for her without supplementing. :-)

- You are now sleeping 8 hours!! You go down for bed at 11:00 and sleep until 7:00. It's amazing. Sometimes you wake a little earlier/later, but for the most part you are pretty consistent. Mommy loves going into your room to get your in the morning. Sometimes you are already awake and smiling at her and other times we wake you. You aren't a big fan of being woken up, but we usually still get Madi smiles once you've stretched. :-)
- You had your first airplane and train ride when we went to Oslo to apply for your citizenship, social security, and passport. You were a gem on the flight and didn't fuss at all during takeoff and landing. And guess what?! You were approved for citizenship!

- During our trip you went swimming for the first time. You didn't enjoy it quite as much as we thought, but then again it wasn't a heated pool and you weren't feeling great.
- Speaking of not feeling great you had your first cold this month. I think it was harder on Mommy and Daddy than it was you. That snot sucker is awful and you'd cry so hard when we used it. But besides that you were your usual, happy self!

- You also had your first babysitter at home that gave you a bottle! Miss Kemi has offered to watch you on Tuesdays so that Mommy can get her long run in. This week was the first run and you took a bottle from Miss Kemi no problem!
- However, you still aren't big at taking a bottle in the evening. Daddy was able to give you one in the morning, and a couple of times in the evening after fussing a little bit.

- You've also started going to daycare at the Elixia gym and at church so that Mommy can workout and attend her Bible study. You always do great at them and the workers all LOVE you! They've said you are a very calm baby. You definitely don't get that from Mommy!
- You had your first shots at the helsestasjon. You took them like a pro - you cried for maybe 20-30 seconds right after the shot and then you were perfectly fine! You didn't have any reaction and you were fine the following day as well. That may or may not have had something to do with the fact that Mommy gave you pediacare before your shots... call it preventative medicine. ;-)

- You love it when Daddy wipes the drool off your mouth. He makes a funny sound when he does it and you always smile at him! Mommy tried it and you cried. Fail.
- You are getting better and better at sitting up. We've started using the baby seat and practicing sitting up on Mommy's lap or on the floor. You have really good head control, but still aren't able to sit up on your own.
- You love playing with your hands and are starting to play with other toys/objects in front of you. You especially love your rocking chair with toy bar. You smile and laugh as you play with the toys.

We can't believe you are three months old already! You are so much fun and we love how much more you're interacting with us. You are such a sweet and beautiful little girl and we feel so blessed that God has given us the responsibility of looking after you! We love you so much Madison!!!

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