Sunday, September 15, 2013

Madi's Travel Tips

Madi did fabulous traveling to Oslo for her passport. She thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of things that helped her be such an amazing traveller.

Madi's 10 Travel Tips -

10. Make sure everything has it's place in your bags. That way Mommy and Daddy don't spend unnecessary time looking through everything for what I need.

9. Make sure to let me watch everything. I love observing everyone so traveling in a baby carrier that faces outwards or a stroller where I can look at things are definitely my favs!

8. Bring extras. Extra outfits (sorry about that explosion at TGIFridays...), extra blankets in case one is left in the hotel room, and extra pacis.

7. Make sure you have my medicine and the nasal aspirator in case I get stuffy. Wait, I didn't want you to remember those! Especially the nasal aspirator... I hate that thing!

6. Don't forget my toys. I particularly love my Sofie the giraffe and my Vera Bradley bunny blanket.

5. Forget the big camera. You aren't going to have time to get it out and get ready for the picture before I've moved on. iPhone it is if you want anything. And make sure I don't see the phone because once I do, I stop whatever it is I'm doing so I can stare at it.

4. Always leave extra time. You never know when I might need to talk to you a bit, have an outfit change, maybe smile at you, and even sometimes whine a bit.

3. Keep my routine. You can take me places and go out and about, but I like my eat, wake, sleep routine and bath time every night and snuggling in my pajamas.

2. Feed me whenever, where ever. You get hungry and you eat. Same with me. I am a great eater whether it's in the restroom of the museum, the booth at our restaurant, or the table outside in the park while Mommy and Daddy are eating ice cream.

I'm happy because I just had my afternoon snack in the park!
But the biggest thing that makes traveling with me such a breeze -

1. Stop caring what other people think. I might need to cry a bit at an inconvenient place.  Or I might need your attention while you are trying to check-in or load the luggage or pay for your food. And I can't always time my diaper changes to your schedule. Stop worrying what other people think and do what you need to do in order to take care of me!

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