Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Baby Kino

Living in Europe has got a lot of pros when it comes to babies. Some of those being rooms in the airport for nursing complete with a changing table, comfy chair, sink, and microwave; nursing anywhere you want without feeling guilty; and best of all, my latest discovery, baby kino!

Kino = movie. Now I know what you are thinking - why would you want to go watch a baby movie. Ah ha! That is where you assume wrong my friend. The movie is not for babies. The movie is usually a current film for adults and usually in English. My friend HugrĂșn invited me to go last week and I excitedly joined her! Of course I hadn't heard of the movie before (White House Down), but I was still down.

The theater they use is the "luxury" theater. This means is has large leather seats with side tables on either side. They dim the lights less than in the regular movies so you can see better and you bring in the baby and the top portion of your pram if you want them to be able to lay down.

It was fabulous! I fed Madi at the beginning of the movie, she sat in my lap enthralled with the sounds and scenes on the screen, and then fell soundly asleep to the sound of gunfire and explosions. Yep, it was an action movie which didn't seem to bother any babies one bit. :-)

They have the baby kino weekly and Madi and I will definitely be making another visit soon!

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