Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Madi: Two Months Came Too Soon!

- You have had a lot of firsts this month! You had your first smile, started talking and laughing, and have somewhat learned how to grab objects.

- You've started drooling and gnawing on your hands. If I didn't know any better I'd say you were teething, but it's far too early for that! You've also started blowing bubbles. :-)
- You are great at following objects with your eyes. In fact, the swing can no longer be used as a desperate attempt to get you to nap because you've noticed the stars and teddy bear above and just stare at them. Even if we take them off you still stare up there wondering where they are!

- Speaking of naps... you hate them. I guess I shouldn't be surprised when your Mommy and Daddy aren't big fans of naps either! You usually give me one good nap in the morning (which I LOVE because it gives me a chance to workout, shower, get dressed, and eat). However, the rest of the day you've decided that you don't like to nap unless you have a pacifier or are in our arms. How you got into that habit is beyond us because we don't do either regularly for you. Instead Mommy and Daddy stand in your room picking you up and putting you back down every time you calm down. So far you just start wailing once you are 10 inches from the bottom of the crib. :-/

-You continue to sleep fabulously at night though (perhaps because you aren't napping...) so we can't complain too much. You were typically going every 3-4 hours at night. However, once we introduced you to the Miracle Blanket (which Daddy refers to you in as a Madi Burrito), you've been going typically 4-7 hours in that first stretch. Woohoo!

- Mommy and Daddy took you to two doctors and flat-out asking if they prescribe baby Zantac here in Norway because we knew from talking to your Aunt Stephanie that your reflux was causing you heartburn. Apparently they do have it in Norway and it required us visiting the one private pediatrician in all of Stavanger to get it. And he had to look up the dosage! The medicine was even special order because none of the pharmacies carry it as it's not a registered medication in Norway. I'm incredibly grateful that we pushed getting it because ever since you started it you aren't screaming in pain and are much more pleasant to be around! :-)

- You got to meet another set of Grandparents that came for a visit. We had a blast hanging out with them and you even took them to your first concert at church.
- You had your 6 week checkups with the nurse and doctor at the helsestasjon. They both commented on how strong you are and how good you are at talking, smiling, and making eye contact. The nurse said she can tell that Mommy has been interacting with you for you to be doing so well. That made Mommy feel very good!

They roped you into this modeling gig too?!
- We've been introducing you to a bottle this month. You are not having it girlfriend. Poor Daddy has tried four times and two of those times he had to come get Mommy and she had to give you the bottle. Why you will take it from her and not Daddy is beyond us!
- Since we are done having visitors over we decided to move you into your room. You've been doing great the past few days since we made the switch. We setup two iPads using an app called Baby Monitor to know when it's time to get you and feed you.
- Mommy and Daddy celebrated our five year anniversary on Aug 16. You let us take you to dinner with minimal fussing which we greatly appreciated!

- Last week was our first week just Mommy and Madi. We made a lunch or coffee date every day in order to get out. You did fabulous at all of them! It was great to get a chance to visit with old friends as well as get to know new ones. :-)
- You like to clasp your hands together in front of you in the most adorable way. You hold this hand clasping while you are eating as well as at other times. I love it!
- Since you've started noticing more, it's been rather difficult to capture smiling pictures of you with our phones if it's just Mommy or Daddy and not both of us. We get you to smile at me, but as soon as we quickly lift the camera up to take the picture you start staring at it intensely. But when both Mommy and Daddy are home we can get some really good ones like these where you gave us some great looks!

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