Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bergen-Oslo Trip

This past weekend we took Madi on her first trip...and she did great!! We needed to take her to Oslo in order to report her birth and apply for her citizenship, social security, and passport. Rather then fly straight there we decided to take the Bergen Railway, one of the most scenic train rides in the world.

Per their usual selves, the cats were not happy when they saw the suitcases and knew we were about to leave...

We flew to Bergen Friday night (a short 25 min flight from Stavanger). I fed Madi right before take off and she slept until we landed.

We didn't have any downtime in Bergen which was okay since Jason and I traveled there when I was pregnant. We headed straight to the hotel, did Madi's bedtime routine, ordered room service, and enjoyed a movie.

Unfortunately, the Mads woke up coughing and with a runny nose. We were expecting this to happen since I first got sick on Tuesday and decided to share with Jason by Thursday. :-/ I'm sure the traveling didn't help either. It was so hard to see this sad face and hear her coughing, but I do have to say, if this weekend was how Madi does sick, then we got lucky. Besides being a little grumpy when we first woke her up in the morning, she was fabulous the rest of the time!

We headed to the train station to catch our 7-hour train ride to Oslo. Madi was wonderful the entire way and enjoyed watching out the window for a little bit. Mostly she enjoyed being held, playing, and doing awkward things with her hands while she slept. :-)

After checking into the hotel we took Madi to the pool for her first swimming experience! I'll post more pictures about that soon, but here's a shot of the three of us before heading down.

We went to the most American place we could for dinner - Hard Rock Cafe! It was delicious and Madi did great at dinner, sleeping most of the time. And for those who need a comparison of just how expensive Norway is...our bill was about $150. That's normal for two people eating out. :-)

Ready to rock out at the Hard Rock Cafe!

Sunday we did some exploring around Oslo. We took the bus over to the Viking Ship Museum. I carried her around the museum. After people-watching for a little bit, she took a nap. 

After lunch we went to the Museum of Cultural History. It was free on Sundays and we enjoyed walking around. Madi liked seeing some of the exhibits... but not the moose. She was not a fan of the moose.

The weather was fabulous that afternoon so we sat outside enjoying our Ben and Jerry's ice cream and flirting with this little one. :-)

One tired little duck after a fun-filled day!

Sunday was our day to visit the consulate! I had big dreams of taking a picture of Madi inside with an American flag and perhaps the person processing her paperwork. Fail. They do not allow camera of any kind inside and the only flag outside was the one on top of the building. At least we got a picture with the sign out front. But talk about a depressing-looking building...

We headed to the airport for our flight back to Stavanger. Madison did great on that flight also! She got a bit fussy in the landing, but even my ears were hurting. 

And of course the kittens wanted to let us know that it was not okay for us to leave. We woke up to this Monday morning... good thing they didn't do that while we were gone otherwise they wouldn't have had any food the whole weekend!

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