Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 30

How far along: 30 weeks, 5 days

Size of Baby S: 15.75 in, 3 lbs

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): Large cabbage

Total weight gain: First let's talk about Houston. I weighed myself before/after the trip so I'd know that I was successful in gaining a ton of weight eating delicious foods over the past two and a half weeks. Fail. I gained around 2.5 lbs. I checked twice. Overall my total weight gain is now at 15 lbs.

Sleep: I slept really great in Houston, but am now back to tossing and turning a bit which I deduce must have something to do with our mattress here in Norway unfortunately. :-/

Movement: Yes! I captured some video and sent it to my mom so she could see Madison squirming around and while I'm sure no one but my mom cares to watch it I am still putting it up. :-) We've also had the hiccups a few more times here and there.

Unglamorous body changes: Houston gave me heartburn. I am hoping it goes away now that I am back to eating healthy. :-)

Also this has been happening for awhile, but seems to be getting slightly worse lately. My depth perception is off a bit and I run into things. A door that's partly open, the corner of a table, etc. And since I bruise relatively easily I tell people that Jason beats me when I talk back. Unfortunately I have yet to find someone that doesn't laugh in my face at that comment. ;-)

Maternity Clothes? Yep.

Showing: Yep.

Food cravings: None. I believe we got everything we wanted at some point while we were in Houston!

What I miss: Still lunch meat. Our breakfast on the flight home was yogurt, fruit, and a selection of lunch meats which I stared at for about five minutes before Jason scolded me and told me to not even think about it.

Anything making you queasy: Nope.

Strange experiences: While going through airport security for the 6th time the past two and a half weeks I was ushered to the side of the metal detector and padded down by security. Slightly irked I asked why I did not receive an opportunity to go through the screening before being man-handled. (Although I did not use the word "man-handled" to the officer). She looked at me like I was crazy and said "Because you are pregnant and it's bad for the baby". Interesting since the last five airport security screenings failed to notice or care. And personally prefer the metal detector.

I had a friend ask me how the whole flying experience was being pregnant and if I saw or noticed a difference. On the long leg portion from Frankfurt to Houston I was very conscious about drinking tons of water, walking the aisles every two hours, and made sure to wear good compression socks. It's around an 11-hour flight and the only side effect I felt was some slight restless leg at different points during the flight, but nothing major. The way home however wasn't quite as good...

We flew Houston to Washington DC to Frankfurt to Stavanger. I can't decide if I liked the multiple stops or not. On the one hand it was nice to break up the long flight and walk around and go to the lounge in DC and get off the airplane. However, it also made the DC to Frankfurt flight shorter so that by the time you had dinner there wasn't much time to sleep before they began serving breakfast. I still wore compression socks and walked a bit before napping, but since I slept I definitely didn't drink as much water as I think I needed. When we got to Frankfurt and had to go through security again I had to part with my water bottle and wait in line for screening and passport control. I got a bit lightheaded and unfortunately had no place to sit. I definitely wasn't about to pass out or anything, but I could just tell I didn't feel 100%. Jason carried my heavier bag and once we got through passport control sat me down and retrieved water and some crackers for me. I was fine after about 30 min, but it was definitely an odd feeling. And unfortunately will probably prevent me from convincing Jason that we can still travel via airplane for the next six weeks, haha.

Aside from that I did notice an increase in Madison's activity on the flights. It provided good entertainment. :-)

Milestones: Madison's eyesight is still developing, but she will only be at 20/400 once she's born meaning she can only see a few inches from her face. (Sounds like my eyesight prior to lasik...)

Best moment this week: Starting to unpack Madison's stuff and setup her room! I do not envy the piles of laundry I have to do (or the fact that our washer is now leaking and the dryer has never really dried acceptably...), but I am excited to start working on crafts for her and getting what I can done until the rest of her stuff arrives in the air shipment.

Also, Jason and I received a Toddler Bible as one of my baby shower gifts. Each night we've been reading a few stories to Madison before prayer time. I just love listening to my husband read God's stories to our daughter and I cannot wait to see him hold her and read to her when she arrives!!

Looking forward to: Receving our stroller (which we ordered today!!) and air shipment so I can really setup her room. :-)

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