Monday, April 8, 2013

Houston Trip

When Jason and I found out that my company gives you an additional shipment of 500 lb if your dependency number changes while on assignment we definitely wanted to take advantage of it since everything is so pricey in Norway! However, the shipment has to be within +/- 90 days of your "dependency change" leaving a pretty small window if you want to do it beforehand and still be fine to travel Internationally! Fortunately we were able to take advantage of the Easter holidays we receive in Norway (we had Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Monday after Easter off work) and fly out to Houston for almost two and a half weeks!

We visited with so many friends and family during the time we were in Houston and crossed off some much needed American foods. We alo hopped over to Mexico for a few days to enjoy a "babymoon" and celebrated our baby girl Madison with not one, but two amazing baby showers! Overall it was a wonderful trip that left us feeling a little homesick, but incredibly blessed with all that God has given us.

We got to celebrate Jason's birthday with some of his favorites - Chipotle, K1 race track, and Fogo de Chao!

Jason getting his Chipotle fix! Yum!!

Birthday guy and Sydney, our niece!

And what would Jason's birthday be without some tickling of his favorite niece!?

Birthday dinner with family! Too bad it's blurry :-/

We got to spend time with our out-of-town family that came to visit us in Houston.

Breakfast with my Dad, Mary, and brother Justin
Big brother!

Breakfast with my Mom and Jeff
Jason with Lisa and his sister Lily in Galveston
Jason and his sister Lily
We also got to celebrate Princess Sydney's 3rd birthday! We had a blast with her at the park, but man did she wear us out. Aunt Darcy can't crawl on her hands and knees through allt he tunnels anymore (I almost got stuck in one...) :-)

What a wizard princess. Uncle Jason kept teasing her. :-)

We also had to do massive baby shopping! And I gladly took advantage of qualifying for this front-row parking spot. :-)

And of course we took advantage of eating very healthy while we were on the trip!

Oh Ooh La La, how I missed you!

And lastly we got to celebrate Easter (ham and all) with these cuties! What a wonderful way to end the trip!

We rolled hobbled back into Norway with just a few extra bags in tow... thank you United for three checked bags up to 70 lbs each! 

This is what 64 lbs of baby clothes looks like in a north slope gear bag... and it all has to be washed. :-/

And these two were very happy to have us home! We got lots of cuddles from both of them. :-)

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