Thursday, April 11, 2013

8 Signs You Aren't Ready to be a Parent

We've compiled a list of signs that we are not ready for the little blessing that's planning to arrive in June...

1. Babysitting our niece and nephew Syndey (3 yrs) and Jaiden (6 months). We were exhausted. There's no break and I am now nervous for what's to come, haha.

2. Spending 20 min standing in Buy Buy Baby comparing two different changing pads. The only difference was the thickness of the cardboard on the bottom of them. Engineers should not do their own registry shopping.

3. Asking if I can wheel the baby onto the patio when she starts crying. Also asking if you can just close the door and hope that she stops crying.

4. Browsing the toy aisle for another 20 min trying to decide what the difference between all of these toys are and why the 0+ months and 6+ months animals seem identical... how are you supposed to pick them?!

5. Realizing that you are definitely not going to wash the pacifier or wipe the toy every time it falls on the ground. Perhaps we are lazy or just not as germ-o-phobic as the rest of America, but we think the kid will survive even if she eats a little dirt.

6. Playing with all of your baby's toys and then getting upset when you realize they aren't really your toys and you will not be allowed to take them away from her when she's a baby.

7. Embarrassing yourself at your baby shower because you don't know the names or uses of half the stuff that you received.

8. Having your 3 year old niece show you how to buckle and unbuckle her carseat.

Whether we're ready or not we've got 9 (ish) more weeks to go! :-)

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