Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We're Expecting!

That's right blogging peeps! Arriving June 2013, just a couple months shy of our "perpetually rolling five years until kids" deadline of August 2013. ;-)

While we were on our site visit in Norway last month I started to suspect that I might be pregnant, but kept trying to tell myself that I wasn't. That it was just the time difference and my body really thought it was only Monday so I wasn't late yet by that logic.

I didn't say anything to Jason either. I didn't want that to interfere with our site visit or the plans we had made while we were there. I kept mum during the trip, but did force Jason to watch "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" on the plane ride home. I told him it was hilarious and he needed to watch it. The alternative was studying for the PE exam so I think he chose what he considered the lesser of the two evils. ;-)

On our way home from the airport Sunday, I asked Jason if we could stop at the store to get some groceries and a card for my friend who just had her baby. I used it as an excuse to get a card for Jason in case we were pregnant. Sneaky, sneaky.

When we got home, I snuck into the bathroom and took a pregnancy test. PREGNANT it flashed in black letters! I kept my composure and quickly went to work on my plan to reveal to Jason that he was going to be a father.

When we first talked about trying earlier this summer, I found a website that lets you make your own onesies. I thought it would be a cute idea to make a onesie for Jason as my way of revealing to him we were pregnant. I ordered one and hid it away until such a time as I could give it to him. (This was also part of why I waited until we were back in the US to tell Jason I suspected anything...)

I got the onesie, the pregnancy test (in a ziploc baggie - no one wants to touch a pee stick), and the card. I wrapped them up in a bag and set it on the counter in hopes he would see it. Unfortunately when we went to the sink, he saw the opposite side of the bag that didn't show his name. I shyly turned it around and when he noticed it asked quite puzzled, "What is this?"

He began with the card and as he read the cover I could see confusion on his face. Then he opened it and read what I had written to him and the acknowledgement came. He had the most precious smile on his face. A smile I know I will get to see again soon when we meet our little one. He quietly asked "Really?" And through my happy tears shook my head yes while he embraced me with a big hug.

He continued opening his gift and saw the pregnancy test and the onesie I'd make him. I think he's a fan. ;-)

Here's to little baby Stingerie - arriving June 2013. :-D

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