Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Excuses for being MIA from Blogging

I apologize for my recent decline in posting. I feel as though I have valid excuses, however, some of which I am going to share with you to make myself feel better about my lack of posting -

1. We've been working to get the house on the market, which it did officially yesterday thanks to our amazing realtor Trent Johnson. Also, a huge thank you to David and Cindy Meeh who helped us get the front door re-finished so the house looked more presentable to the first impression! Also, we got blinds hung up. It only took us four years and finally a move to get it bad...

2. Both of us have been busy at work. Aside from all the paperwork and HR stuff we have to do to get ready for the move to Norway, we still have our real jobs that we are trying to keep up with. Jason is swamped wrapping up multiple projects and I've been busy preparing for a presentation at this week's work conference. I was able to cross that off the checklist today and the best thing I can say about it was that my voice at least didn't shake the entire time I was presenting. Maybe half though. ;-) At least it's over!

3. We've been studying for the PE exam this Friday. Remember this picture I shared over the summer?

Well, we really cracked down on those books this weekend. And don't worry - Jason's stack of books got bigger and mine got slightly smaller. The exam is open book and my test (Petroleum) lists 40 different resource books, 20 of which are strongly recommended. Jason's test (Mechanical) is more condensed into just a few thick books.

I took Friday off and worked problems all day. Jason joined me Saturday and Sunday for two more days of working problems. I rounded off the week by studying Monday and taking another half day off work Tuesday for my final cramming and am now taking a break and making sure I get enough rest. I've had people at work tell me I look tired...the only politically correct way to tell someone they look like crap in the office. I even had one person ask a co-worker of mine if I had something going on right now because I looked a bit off lately. Awesome.

Jason, true to his procrastination form, is working on the sample exam right now and will continue working on it tomorrow night right up until D-Day.

We had some distractions help while we studied as well. Zoey fell asleep reading my drilling and completions material -

And later she attacked my well logging materials (and for good reason too - nobody likes that stuff...sorry any petrophysicists out there who might read this...)

My friend Ramesh baked Jason and I good luck cookies this weekend and dropped them off at my office on Monday. This guy can bake and he is incredibly thoughtful!

We have to report at 7:15 am this Friday for the 8-hour technical engineering exam. Please keep us both in your prayers for strength, recollection of the material we have studied, and peace during the test!

And finally, here are the blog posts I promise are coming over the next couple of weeks once we can breathe again -

1. A recap of Jason's amazing weekend taking his Mazdaspeed 6 out on the race track with a professional race car driver giving technical advice. He got lots of pictures and video with the GoPro and is working on sorting which he wants to feature in another Celebrity Blog Post by Jason. :-)

2. A blog finally revealing our apartment in Norway. I've been holding off on this one because I nominated us for House Hunters International and they contacted me today for more information and said that they might be interested capturing our story!! Here's crossing our fingers that you see us on HGTV sometime in the future!

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