Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hiking Månafossen

We slept in a bit Saturday morning before getting up to take advantage of the fantastic weather. It wasn't raining and only slightly cloudy most of the day, which is a rarity for Stavanger, especially this time of year!

It was a gorgeous drive down! Here's an iphone shot from the car ride.

We picked up our friends Erica and Thad and headed south to a small town called Byrkjedal for lunch. The main attraction is a restaurant and candle factory called Byrkjedalstunet. We had a light lunch of delicious pancakes, chicken soup, and porridge before shopping in the factory.

We brought home our first Christmas decorations for the year. A tree, snowflake candles, and an embroidered centerpiece that says "Hilsen fra Norge" or "Greetings from Norway".

 Then we headed to the hike starting point. Just a few stairs to start the journey...

It wasn't a very technical or long hike - perfect for a Saturday afternoon. We were quickly to the viewing point for the falls.

We continued to hike farther to get to the actual waterfall.

Look at the amazing disappearing Erica!

And then we took this shot... actually we got about 20 pictures of this shot because Thad decided to see how long we would hold the pose and just kept taking pictures. We were not impressed.

Once we made it to the top we could see the farmhouse (closed for the season) and the valley behind the waterfall.

 We decided to attempt handstand pictures. This is when I discovered that I can no longer do a handstand. Fail.

Jason proved to be significantly better than me. Here he is with Thad -

The overall award goes to Erica and Thad. They did the best handstand!

I opted for a jumping picture instead and Erica obliged. :-)

Next we made our own trail down to the waterfall and got some great shots of the top of the falls.

Erica and I at the top of the falls -

Another jumping picture!

Oh no, I'm falling!

Obligatory BA pictures. We like to pretend we are cool. We even got multiple angles this time! Thanks Erica and Thad. :-)

Love this guy!

After heading back to Stavanger, we went over the Erica and Thad's for a delicious dinner and picture swapping before heading back home. We had a fabulous time and were excited to see some of the beautiful surroundings we are blessed to live amongst here in Norway!

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