Sunday, November 25, 2012

Low-key 27th Birthday

A couple months ago I tried telling Jason that I was turning 26 this year. "Really", he retorted. "Because I turned 27 this year and we were born in the same year Darcy." Say what?!? Yep, I turned 27 this year (and don't worry, I did the math to make sure Jason was correct ;-). )

We had a very low-key birthday this year, which was exactly what I wanted after a busy week! We had a huge Thanksgiving feast Thursday night and Jason's Christmas dinner with coworkers Friday (read here) followed by a day of hiking around MÃ¥nafosssen on Saturday (read here).

My birthday began with Jason making me a delicious breakfast sandwich before church. Here he is hard at work!

We visited a different church this week - The North Sea Baptist Church. We felt a lot more comfortable at this church and enjoyed the setup immensely. We plan to visit again and most likely will make it our church home in Stavanger.

After church we headed back to the apartment and just spent the afternoon relaxing and catching up on odds and ends. We did some laundry, caught up on going through pictures and blogged, and researched some things for our Christmas trip to London and Ireland.

We decided last week that it was silly of us not to take advantage of the days we have off for Christmas and New Year's and go somewhere. The realization that this was also our last "single" Christmas made us convinced of doing something exciting so we booked airfare to spend the break in London and then Ireland. We are very excited for the trip and welcome any suggestions for places to see, hotels to stay at, and restaurants to eat at!

We found mini cupcakes at the store earlier this week to celebrate my birthday! They were actually pretty delicious - I was impressed. Nothing like Ooh La La, but I'll take what I can get. ;-)

Jason even granted me a birthday wish and played Boggle! He almost came close to beating me with his 2 min handicap! (Okay not really, but I don't want to make him feel bad...)

And my birthday gift has been ordered and shipped to my mom's house in Oklahoma. We will get it when we are in the States next March. I'm so excited and can't wait to see it!! Jason splurged and got me a fabulous baby bag! Yay!!

Later in the evening we had Skype dates with our friends the Herns, doing ministry in Budapest, as well as the Johnsons, my mom and Jeff, and my dad and Mary. It was wonderful to catch up with everyone!

Sydney (our niece) was definitely the highlight of the day! She was allowed to stay up past her nap time to talk to Uncle Jason and Aunt Darcy. She read us a couple of books and sang me Happy Birthday. Thank goodness for technology that lets us stay in touch with our loved ones!! :-)

Now we are headed to bed and ready to begin our third week in Stavanger! Good night everyone!

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