Sunday, November 18, 2012

Little Bean's First Gifts!

Once we found out we were pregnant, we were amazed at our friends and families generosity!

My mom got me an amazing side pillow to sleep with and I'm excited for it to arrive in our sea shipment and start using it!

My friend Leah gave me this sweet baby stuff, including our little ones first toy kitten and Texas culture!

Cindy got me "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" and the Thurmans got Jason "What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding"

My sweet friend Maryam somehow found time between taking care of her newborn baby girl Ella to go shopping and buy me a few of the favorite things she's loved so far - 

And if you remember my sister-in-law Steph surprised me the Mayo clinic guide to a healthy pregnancy when she first guessed that we were pregnant before our Big Reveal (read here).

My mother-in-law Lisa sent a present home with Jason. A scrapbooking book for moms.

 Thank you everyone for the amazing gifts! I apologize that I don't have thank you notes yet to write you personal ones yet.

The next big thing to tackle was maternity clothes. Since everything is so expensive in Norway, we decided I should do some maternity clothes shopping before we moved to try and get most of the things I would need. Fortunately, this is where moms come in and are the best!!

My mom had already purchased and brought with her some cute dresses, pants, jeans, and tops to get my collection started! Add to that a few Zulily purchases (a dangerous website shopping website!) I had already made and our shopping trip to Motherhood Maternity, Katy Mills, and the Galleria while my mom was in town and I am now completely (hopefully) set with everything I'll need!  

Know what's super awkward when maternity clothes shopping? Having to use that fake belly because you aren't really showing yet... cute outfit, awkward fake belly... 

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