Friday, November 30, 2012

Make Him Room: An Advent Devotional

One of the things Jason and I have struggled with personally in our relationship with the Lord has been to set aside a regular time every day to read the Bible together, discuss a devotional, and spend time in prayer.

That's one of the reasons why I am so excited for my friend Kirsten Oliphant's new self-published book called Make Him Room: An Advent Devotional. The book is setup easily for an individual, couple, or family to spend time together each day of this amazing holiday season to celebrate the Lord and grow closer to Him.

There is one devotional for each day leading up to Jesus' birth. Each day's reading is broken up into three parts - Passages, Making Connection, and Questions for Reflection. The Passages cover the entire breadth of the Bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament. Kirsten has even included the passages directly in the devotional book in case you don't have a Bible handy. (No excuses people! ;-) ) The next session, Making Connections, helps to piece all of the passages together and share some insight to the Christmas season. Lastly, there are a few reflection questions that are appropriate for all ages to discuss as a family.

I've already purchased this amazing-steal for only $2.99 on Amazon (click here). I've also included a picture on my blog's sidebar in case you come back later and want to purchase (just click the image and it will open the Amazon page directly).

You can learn more about Kirsten and read her description of the devotional on her personal blog, I Still Hate Pickles. (She does a much better job describing her work than I can do!).

Jason and I are very excited about starting this devotional tomorrow, Dec 1, and getting prepared spiritually for this wonderful and glorious time of the year! I hope you enjoy the devotional! :-)

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