Thursday, January 19, 2012

Work Team Build!

My boss tasked my friend Brittney and I with planning our work team build. We tossed around some ideas - bowling, go karting, etc. In the end, we had the idea to do a cooking class! Both Brittney and I love to cook (she is amazing and even has a cooking blog, check it out here) and we have both taken multiple classes at an amazing place called Well Done Cooking Class (website is here).

Well Done Cooking Class is owned by two amazing ladies named Celeste and Kat. They host a variety of different classes throughout the week and even have memberships. (For Christmas I got Jason a one! :-) ). We knew it would be the perfect atmosphere and activity for our team build!

It was definitely a tough work day -a short meeting in the morning, a long cooking class over lunch, and then an afternoon off. I wish every day could be so tough! ;-)

The menu our team voted to make was the Dinner Party at Beijing. We started out making Sichuan Boiled Dumplings with a spicy dipping sauce. YUM! They were absolutely amazing and VERY spicy.

Next was hot and sour soup. I was not a big fan of the soup - it had a lot of mushrooms and the broth was kind of salty. A lot of other people liked it though and said it was a great recipe for it!

Next was General Tso's chicken. Another delicious one! We also made fried rice to go with it. We ran out of time to make dessert, but the chefs planned ahead and made it for us so we still got to try them. It was sesame balls that were amazing!

Overall, everyone had a wonderful time and I think we picked the perfect activity for a team build!

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